Field Weekend 3 Results

Due to the crap sea conditions not a lot of fish were caught.
Below are the weigh in details.

New format for this season, scroll down this table to see links for other spreadsheets, points, species etc.

Hunting & Fishing field weekend 4

The weather for the Hunting & Fishing field weekend four is looking absolutely awesome, slight seas and variable breezes for the whole weekend, Friday 6pm is start fish time with weigh in at the fire station midday Sunday, normal boundaries apply
Our prizes have a combined value of over $500 for the heaviest Snapper, best Gurnard, average Kahawai, and heaviest Kahawai, with such great fishing conditions I believe the jackpot will go this weekend !! And don’t forget our chocolate fish spot prizes

Good luck & tight lines

Peter K

Craftys challenge Field Weekend 3

November is HB Snapper time so the challenge is catch a Snapper
The first snapper weighed gets double points .
The heaviest snapper weighed will win a special prize sponsored by Craftys Rods and Guns and Wild Blue Tackle
Prizes also for heaviest Gurnard, other , and average Kahawai

FW Two 2021/22 Weighmasters report

Field weekend 2, kindly sponsored by Rivers to Ranges was an ‘local boundary’ weekend.
Fishing was generally hard with most struggling to find good numbers of fish. This was illustrated by no snapper crossing the scales.
Fish weighed were: 18 kahawai, 4 gurnard, 3 trevally, 2 conger eels, and 1 each of barracouta, SSH and yellow eyed mullet.
Two pin fish were weighed with James P catching a 3.53kg barracouta and Andy G scoring a respectable 1.97kg trevally. Well done lads!
Prizes went to Andy for best other, his trevally. Roy scored heaviest gurnard and Neville Kirk made a triumphant return to field weekends with the average weight kahawai. With no kingfish weighed the Gun City jackpot will climb to $150 for field weekend three!
Thanks again to our awesome sponsors! Please try to support these great local businesses.
Field weekend three kicks of on Friday 5th November and is a challenge weekend. (challenge to be confirmed)
Tight lines,

New format for this season, scroll down this table to see links for other spreadsheets, points, species etc.


Results attached from the first casting day.
Polo grounds are booked for our postal casting day on Sunday 31st on Oct start at 9.00 am if anyone has any question ring me 0278449180. thanks Mark Ives

FW One 2021/22 Weighmasters report

Field weekend 1, kindly sponsored by Streetwise Coffee, was an ‘open boundary’ weekend.
Area’s fished included Matata, Hawai, Marenui, Hicks Bay and all the usual local spots by those who chose to stay local. Fishing for most was hard, but some nice catches crossed the scales from the EBOP beaches as well as Hicks Bay.

The top four points scorers were Karim (1055), Dion (1005), Jamie (805) and Kane with (730). Xavier Benge takes an early lead in the junior section weighing a nice snapper for 155 points.
There were no pin fish weighed.

Prize winners for FW one were, Karim, heaviest snapper 3.34kg.
Hamish, heaviest gurnard 0.63kg.
James P, average kahawai 1.5kg.
Mark Ives, heaviest other, barracuda 1.96kg and Xavier’s snapper, 1.5kg took out the junior prize.
Once again, a huge thanks to Streetwise for their ongoing support!

Field weekend two kicks off Friday 8th October at 6pm. Normal club boundaries apply with the weigh in at the fire station at midday Sunday 10th October. Good luck to all.

Tight lines,

New format for this season, scroll down this table to see links for other spreadsheets, points, species etc.

Rivers to Ranges field weekend 2

This weekend brings us to our 2nd fishing weekend and our first one locally for the season.

Rivers to Ranges are sponsoring this field weekend, make sure you get out and support our local sponsors when you get a chance. If your anything like me it’s always a good excuse to support local and grab a bit of extra gear before heading out each field weekend.

Normal local Boundaries this weekend. (Mahanga Beach to Herbertville)

Prizes this weekend are Heaviest Snapper, Average Kahawai, Best Other, Heaviest Gurnard and a  few spot prizes also. Might be the whiskey talking but I will also throw in $50 for this weekend only for the heaviest Moki over 2.5kg.

Start time is 6pm Friday and weigh in is at the fire station on Sunday 12pm.

Good luck to all and hopefully the scales get a bit of a workout Sunday.


Cheers Karim