This Season’s Calendar

FW1 September 9-10
Casting Day – September 24
FW2 October 7-8 (Open Boundary)
Casting Day (Postal) – November 5
FW3 November 18-19
FW4 December 2-3 (Hams)
Sunday Fish-Together #1 – January 14
FW5 January 20-21 (Challenge)
Kahawai Comp – January 28 (if available)
FW6 February 3-4 (Early Start)
Sunday Fish-Together #2 – February 11
FW7 February 17-18 (Pania Shield)
FW8 March 3-4 (+ Taradale Club)
Sunday Fish-Together #3 – March 11
FW9 March 17-18 (Early Start)
Casting Day – April 15
FW10 April 21-22 (Challenge)
FW11 May 12-13 (Open Boundary)

Open Boundary Weekends: ( FW2 and FW11 ) You can fish anywhere in NZ but must be back for weigh-in at 2pm Sunday.
Early Start Weekends: ( FW6 and FW9) – Fishing may commence at 6pm on the Friday night.
Sunday Fish-Together’s; Twilight series has been abandoned in favour of 3 Sunday Fish-Together’s. The Club Captain will decide which beach we fish at (according to the weather at the time) and fishing will be from 1.30 to 7.30pm with food and drinks afterwards. These 3 events will also count towards clubs points.



AGM news

At last night’s AGM. 
Jim Yeoman has stepped down as Club Captain, the new Club Captain is Peter Kilkelly. Many thanks to Jim for the past 6 years of hard work in that position. 
There is also a new weigh-master for this coming season. Hamish Nichol will be presiding over the scales for the 2017-18 season. Thanks also to Nikki Middleton for filling in with that position this last season.
Other club executive positions remain the same as last year. 
The club has purchased bulk 5 and 6 ounce sinkers for its members at a very good price, contact Yoey for more info.

Subs will remain as they were last year, a new member information form MUST be submitted when your subs are paid.

Next Brass Monkey will be on the 23rd July. Meet at the fire station car park at 8am to be told where we are fishing.

AGM info and dates

From tonight’s meeting. 
AGM to be held on July 5th at the Napier fire station clubrooms – please bring a plate.

To be discussed: Whether to align the clubs age categories with the NZACA’s new age groups.

Brass Monkey fish #1 is on 18th June. Meet at the fire station 8am to find out where we are fishing. $2 entry.

Field Weekend #12

Field Weekend #12 was fished by 9 members, The fish weighed were mostly Kahawai along with two small Snapper and a Baracoutta.
Hamish got the heaviest Kahawai at 2.035kg and the heaviest snapper went to Tareq with a 0.6kg fish.
Local conditions were very rough and most of those that did fish headed north to the more sheltered area’s around Whakaki and Blacks. Even so it was still very hard fishing as the results show.
Hopefully our final weekend on May 13th and 14th will be better.


Field Weekend #11

Field weekend 11 was one to be remembered simply because so many Snapper graced the scales. 
Eighteen Snapper were weighed which is more than the club has seen on one weekend for many years. 
Eleven members made the effort to fish FW11 and all but two managed to weigh fish.
The two best Snapper were caught by Hamish Nichol up at Whakaki, the larger going  5.45kg.
Mark Ives landed a good Kingfish of over 8kg at Awatoto.
Another recent catch of note, although not during a field weekend, was a monster 11.6kg snapper by Duncan Torwick, taken at the Haumoana river mouth.

Good luck to all those members currently fishing the nationals in Wellington in very difficult weather.









Field Weekend #10

A dozen members fished field weekend #10, but the fishing was tough as the onset of autumn and colder weather made is presence felt. 
There were 3 Snapper weighed, the heaviest going to Peter Kilkelly with a 1.7kg fish.
Heaviest Kahawai of 2.4kg went to Mark Taylor who was also the only person to get his 5 limit.
Sue Lawson bagged a nice Smoothhound. No other species were caught.

The next field weekend is April 1st and 2nd. 
Committee members please remember there is a meeting at Yoeys house Wednesday night at 7.30pm.