Casting update

Alert Level two but with a few fishhooks, gatherings of ten people or less does not allow the club to proceed with casting on Sunday 17th so our revised program will be:

Field weekend eleven the 5th, 6th, and 7th of June will be our (open weekend) so fish anywhere in New Zealand, start fishing time of 5pm Friday and weigh in will be at the fire station at 2pm Sunday.
Field weekend twelve and our final casting event will be the 19th, 20th and 21st of June.
Start fishing Time of 5pm Friday through to weigh in at 9am Sunday which will be held at our casting venue, normal boundaries apply, casting will follow the weigh in.
Greater detail on the field weekends and casting venue will follow closer to the time but at least we can lock in dates and here’s hoping the weather gods are on our side.
Stay Safe
Peter K


Fingers crossed that we move into alert level two next week, and taking the optimistic view pencil in Sunday the 17th of May for our final club casting event for the season.

Mark I has tentatively booked the Hastings Polo grounds for a 9am start, so still to be confirmed but looking forward to catching up with everybody on the 17th.

Peter K

Club history and current points update

We hope all you members who cannot currently go fishing due to the covid lockdown are not going insane stuck at home. Hopefully we will get through this sooner rather than later and be once again able to enjoy our chosen hobby.

In the interests of giving you something other than virus news to read, Gary Kemsley has sent in some interesting insights as to what surfcasting used to be like for the club.

Those were the days! 20 years ago.
Here a few results of Field Weekends back in the late 90’s, early 2000’s.
Interesting to note that the top anglers in that period were Kevin O’Connor,
Kane Wrigglesworth, myself, and James Parahi.
1998 Field Day 14, 30/31st May, 23 anglers 129 fish 2 club records.
1998 Field Day 3, 7/8 November, 31 anglers 160 fish 3 pins.
1998 Field Day 6, 17/18 January, 28 anglers 76 fish 8 pins.
1998 Wharf Day 19 th April, 34 anglers, 42 fish 2 pins 1 club record. (2 Threshers sharks!)
1999 Field Day 3, 13/14 November, 32 anglers 183 fish, 3 pins.
1999 Field Day 7, 30/31 January, 22 anglers 76 fish 9 pins.
1999 Field Day 12A, 1 st /2nd May, 24 anglers 63 fish 5 pins.
1999 Field day 14, 15/16 May, 27 anglers 99 fish 2pins and 2 records.
A personal achievement for me came in November 2002. I was lucky enough to find a
patch of big gurnard after a couple of years of trying. My field day catch included five pin
gurnard and one that was only 0.98 kg. The pins were 1.06, 1.20, 1.22, 1.36, 1.58kg. the
larger is a club record that still stands!
Did we really recognise that the fishing twenty years later would be so different? I dont
think so. How will it be in another twenty years?
Gary Kemsley.

And a 1966 fishing tournament flyer.

Latest club points below as well…

New format for this season, scroll down this table to see links for other spreadsheets, points, species etc.

All club activities suspended

With the covid19 alert now at 3 moving to 4 all club activities are suspended until further notice. At this time I would like to say to our members Keep safe and look after yourselves and your families during this period. I would also like to say a big thank you to our members who are part of Essential Services that are keeping things ticking over. Your efforts are appreciated by us all.
Kia Kaha. Nga Mihi
Mel Benge


Due to the evolving situation of Covid19 and in the interest of our members and the publics Health & Safety we have made the decision to Postpone our comp that was due to be held on 5 April 2020. We will let everyone know once a new date has been set for later in the year.
Anyone that has already purchased their tickets can obtain a refund from the retailer it was purchased from.
All members will be advised of this postponement via email aswell.
Any queries please contact Mel Benge.
Thanks for your understanding.
Regards, Pania Surfcasting Committee

Email alerts from the club.

It has come to our attention that some members are not receiving the automated alert emails from this website when something new is posted.
This is due so spam filters at certain providers treating the messages as spam and deleting them (usually to your spam folder) before you see them.
To fix this issue you need to mark these emails as “not spam” so that your service provider will let them through.
There are a couple of ways to do this.
Services like hotmail and xtra will usually let emails through if the senders address is in your ONLINE address book.
You need to login to your ISP’s email page and search the spam folder for the Pania emails. Right click on the senders name and choose ‘add to address book’ .
In Gmail there is actually a NOT SPAM button at the top of the spam folder window.
Open a Pania email and click the NOT SPAM button.
If you are using software like Office/Outlook/Thunderbird/etc to read your emails, the spam folder may not be present and you will need to close that and login to your providers email portal as above.
You can of course manually add [email protected] to your ONLINE address book if you want.


Craftys challenge field weekend ten

This weekend is all about the 222s the challenge will start 6pm on Friday so we will fish two nights, you have the opportunity to earn an additional x2 (double) points for the first two fish weighed of two species. So it maybe the best two Kahawai, and the best two Snapper that earn you double points.
Normal boundaries apply, weigh in will be at the fire station midday Sunday and thanks to Craftys the prizes are valued at over $300.00 and will be for
Heaviest Snapper, average Kahawai, best other and the heaviest combined weight from your top two fish.
Don’t forget the jackpot and we also have a couple of lucky angler draws.

The Kahawai comp is starting to ramp up, and is less than three weeks away so please get any prizes you may have to Mel or bring them along to the weigh in on Sunday

Good luck & Tight lines

Peter K

Gun City + Fishing Jackpot

Another one bites the dust, congrats to Sue L on her 89cm Kingfish caught during the Pania shield field weekend, Sue has won $150.00 worth of cash and Gun City vouchers.
Our next jackpot fish is a spotted smoothound of 5.kgs or greater (trunked), this is our sixth jackpot fish of the season let’s see if we can make it a clean sweep, the jackpot will kick off with a $50.00 Gun City + Fishing voucher.

Good Luck
Peter K