Hamills field weekend Ten

After much deliberation and discussions with club members I have decided that this weekend will be a normal field weekend, there seems to fish in most locations, so rather than restrict everybody to one beach, you can fish your favourite spot anywhere within our normal boundaries, start time of 5am Saturday and weigh in at the fire station midday Sunday.
Total prize pool of over $300 this weekend with Hamills vouchers for
Heaviest Snapper, Second Heaviest Snapper, average Kahawai, and Heaviest other
Also our Jackpot is back to $50.00 for the best snapper of 2.5kg or greater and of course the chocolate fish award.
With a Swell of 1 metre or less high tides around 8am and 8.30pm low 2.30pm I’m sure we’re in for a great weekend of fishing.

Please pass on to anybody who may wish to fish the Kahawai comp that tickets are available from Mel or at our normal outlets, including Hamills Napier

Tight lines and good luck.

Peter K

Weighmasters Report – FW 8

Field weekend 8 was the second of our early bird weekends with fishing starting at 6pm on Friday night.
Hunting & Fishing were our sponsors for this one with some great prizes up for grabs including the 300 dollar jackpot for a kahawai over 2.8kg. Unfortunately this was not struck with yours truly getting closest with a kahawai of 2.69. Bugger!

For most the fishing was patchy at best, except for those who travelled north to Whakaki. Kane, Peter K, Duncan and the Larkin boys all brought good numbers of shoalie snapper and kahawai to the scales with Kane weighing his limit of snapper. Well done lads!

The standout of the weigh in was without a doubt Peter K’s impressive kingi topping the scales at 13.9kg. Well done Pete!

Once again, thanks to Hunting & Fishing for their ongoing sponsorship. It is much appreciated by all our Pania members.

Field weekend 9 is the weekend of the 23/24 February. Good luck to all those fishing.

Tight lines
Field Weekend 8 8-10Feb19 Abridged for Andy

Liquorland field weekend nine

Liquorland field weekend nine was to be our Pania Shield weekend,unfortunately unless we want to play with ourselves we will need to reschedule to a later date. So this weekend will be a normal field weekend, With A Twist, with the possibility of cyclone Oma coming in late Saturday early Sunday we will have a start fishing time of 6pm Friday until midnight Saturday (no fishing on Sunday) normal boundaries apply with our weigh in at the fire station midday Sunday.
Great prize pack this weekend with a total value in access of $600, our jackpot Kahawai >2.8kg now stands at $350. Also beverage prizes for :
Heaviest Snapper, Average Kahawai, Heaviest other, Heaviest Kahawai, and a couple of chocolate fish spot prizes.

Good luck and tight lines

Peter K

Field Weekend 8 – Hunting & Fishing

This weekend is the second of our Hunting & Fishing early bird field weekends, fishing starts at 6pm Friday through to normal weigh in time of midday Sunday, normal boundaries apply, weigh in is at the fire station.
Friday night could be a little challenging in most locations but Saturday looks primo, high tide 9.30pm Friday night and 10.15pm Saturday.
Great prize pool this weekend, our jackpot is up to $300 for a Kahawai over 2.8kg, prizes for heaviest Snapper, average Kahawai, best other and heaviest Gurnard.
Total value of prizes is over $600.00 not including the chocolate fish.
Good luck and tight lines.

Peter K


Field weekend 7 was kindly sponsored by Ahuriri Liquorland and was a Challenge Weekend whereby any member weighing in 3 or more species receives a bonus 300 points.
20 members fished FW7, with only 8 weighing fish, and of those 8 only Kane managed to gain the 300-point bonus. Kane was once again the standout in what was generally a very hard weekend, weighing 14 fish, including 6 snapper! Other notable catches were Sue Kemsley’s 5.1kg snapper and Mark Ives two 5kg+ Kingfish.
For the first time this season no pin fish were weighed.
Thanks again to Ahuriri Liquorland. Please get along and support our generous sponsors.
Our next field weekend is on February 8,9 & 10th.
Tight lines
Who Caught What

Field Weekend 7

Happy new year everybody!! This weekend is field weekend seven, kindly sponsored by Liquorland Ahuriri and so named The Liquorland 300. Weigh in three different species and you will bank an additional 300 points over and above your normal points, the person who has the best bag weight from their top three fish will also be in the prizes.
Start fish time of 5am Saturday, normal boundaries apply, and weigh in is at the fire station midday Sunday.
Total prizes for this weekend are in access of $500.
Prizes will be for
The Liquorland 300 winner, Best Snapper, Average Kahawai, Best other, chocolate fish winner and our jackpot fish a 2.8kg Kahawai is now up to an impressive $300.

Please think about the BBQ Sunday the 20th and let Mel know at the weigh in if you wish to join us.

Good luck and tight lines
Peter K


Field weekend 5 and 6 have come and gone with mixed results in both with some members struggling and others doing quite well.
Field weekend 5 was generously sponsored by Hamill’s Napier and field weekend 6 sponsored by Rockgas. Thanks to both for their ongoing support of our club.
There were 3 standouts in field weekend 5. Kane’s impressive bag of 19 fish was outstanding, including his limit of snapper. He also caught a pin trevally of 1.76kg. Tareq nailed a personal best pin snapper of 5.75kg. Well done mate! Last but not least Jimmy B weighed a very impressive pin snapper of 12.34kg. An awesome fish!
Field weekend 6, which was our annual hams weekend, saw an annoying southerly hit Hawkes bay on Friday evening which definitely had an effect on results with fish numbers down on previous weekends. Twenty one members fished with only 31 fish being weighed. Oddly for this time of year no snapper crossed the scales, perhaps a result of the southerly coming through on Friday. Standout for field weekend 6 was once again Jimmy B with a solid pin kingfish of 9.84kg. Other pins went to Roy with a kahawai of 2.59 and Kane with a SSH of 6.22kg. Nice work lads.
Our next field weekend is in the New Year on January 12/13.
Tight lines
Field Weekend 5 24-25Nov18 Abridged for Chris
Field Weekend 6 8-9Dec18 Abridged for Chris