Field Weekend #1

Welcome all to the start of the 2016/2017 season. A huge congratulations to all our champs from the 2015/2016 Season, and to all those who got certificates and trophies for various other achievements. Well done.
It was a mediocre start to the season sea, weather and fish wise. 17 fishos got out and about  this weekend landing a total of 19 fish.
Our best for the weekend go to Duncan with 5 kahawai. Landing the 2nd and 3rd heaviest of 1.975kg and 1.97kg. Also the heaviest barracuda of 1.975kg.
And Estella Carmichael bringing home 5 Kahawai, having the heaviest of 2.17kg. Great start to the season Estella, well done.
Gavin Brunskill and Gary Kemsley weighed in the 2nd and 3rd heaviest Cudas at 1.76kg and 1.445kg.
Four SSH were weighed with the heaviest going to Kane Wrigglesworth of 2.66kg also getting 2nd heaviest at 2.64kg while Gary Kemsley and Hamish Nichol landed 3rd and 4th of 2.4kg and 2.39kg.
Peter Kilkelly got the 11th and  final Kahawai weighed and a Pin Tope of 17.55kg. Nice work Pete.

Congrats to all who got out amongst it this weekend and to all those who managed to hook a few. Good Luck for Field Weekend 2. Until then stay safe and happy fishing.
Cheers Nikki


Last Seasons Prize Winners List

2014-2015 Prize Winners

1st- Kane Wrigglesworth (9) – Kahawai, Baracotta, Gurnard, SSH, Red Cod, Octopus, Snapper,
Blue Moki, Hiwi Hiwi.
2nd- Hamish Nichol (7) – Kahawai, SSH, Red Cod, Snapper, Blue Moki, Kingfish, Trevally.
3rd=- Chris Morris (5) – Kahawai, Baracoutta, SSH, Red Cod, Snapper
3rd=- Mark Ives (5) – Kahawai, Baracotta, SSH, Blue Moki, Eel
3rd=- Mark Taylor (5) – Kahawai, Baracoutta, Red Cod, Jack Mackerel, Kingfish.


1st 2nd 3rd Kane Wrigglesworth 1.080, 0.995, 0.860

1st 2nd 3rd Kane Wrigglesworth 3.26, 3.23, 3.115

1st – Duncan Torwick 10.025
2nd- Mark Roberts 7.757
3rd- Mark Ives 3.350

1st 2nd 3rd 4th Kane Wrigglesworth 6.00, 6.00, 5.05, 4.66

1st- Hamish Nichol 2.050
2nd- Peter Kilkelly 1.63
3rd- Alan Park

1st- Steven Field 2.54
2nd- Mark Ives 2.50
3rd- Kane Wrigglesworth 2.49.

Overall Points
1st- Kane Wrigglesworth 5375
2nd- Hamish Nichol 4130
3rd- Jimmy Beazley 3320

Golden Oldies
1st- Mark Taylor 1690
2nd- John Purser 495
3rd- Alan Park 180

1st- Peter Kilkelly 2200
2nd- James Parahi 1330
3rd- Kevin O’Connor 770

1st- Steven Field 775
2nd- Roy Frost 425

New Member
1st- Estella Carmichael 1070
2nd- Tareq Asa’ad

1st- Nikki Middleton 1490
2nd- Estella Carmichael 1070
3rd- Sue Lawson 920

1st- Christian Hurring 210
2nd- Alex Hurring 30

AGM news

For those who couldn’t get to the AGM last night, here’s some info from that meeting.

The Executive and Committee for the 2016-17 season are staying the same as last season.

Subs are now due, and are also the same as last season.
Fees and bank details are here
No membership renewals will be excepted until your member details form (below) is filled out and in the hands of the secretary. This applies to ALL existing members.
Pania Membership Application From

The club captain is looking at having two of our twelve field weekends out of the HB district. Either BOP or west coast so save up some fuel money 🙂

John Purser has stepped down as convenor of the annual Kahawai Competition and will be replaced by a sub committee to take up that job.





Field weekend 12

We have reached the end of our season with some fantastic highs.
Congratulations to James Benge who won the 90 mile Snapper Bonanza, with a nice fish of 8.165kg. making him $30,000 richer.
Congratulations to Kane Wrigglesworth who won the NZACA Surfcasting Nationals at the 90 Mile. There was also Sharon Greene and Estella Carmichael, who walked away with a trophy or two, well done ladies. And to any others who I have forgotten.

kaneFinally an awesome end to our fishing season, beautiful weather, lovely seas and even the fish decided to graced us with their presence. Apart from our mates weekend where 93 fish were caught, this weekend was our best with 21 fishers bringing home 81 fish, and a good mixed bag.
Jimmy Beazley and Kane Wrigglesworth each got an octopus, Jimmy’s being the heaviest at 2.14kg and Kane’s at 1.51kg.
Fish of the winter variety were 6 Red Cod, Jimmy again having the heaviest of 1.06kg, Chris Morris 2nd with .79kg and Kane with .78kg. And 4 Baracoutta with Rex Manley landing a 3.23kg Pin coutta, Rex also got 2nd with 2.80kg and John Purser 3rd with 2.49kg. Chris Morris having the 4th at2.2kg. The rare Jack Mackeral made it to the scales too, with Jamie Nichol’s .52kg specimen. 64 Kahawai were weighed, with Dion Jeffares weighing the heaviest of 2.43kg. Mark Taylor got the 2nd heaviest at 2.3kg and Sue Chambers 3rd at 2.26kg. An honourable mention to our only Junior who caught fish this season Christian Hurring. Well done to you with 3 nice Kahawai caught. The good fish are still around too. Dion Jeffares got a .60kg Snapper. Kane Wrigglesworth got two Gurnard .86kg and .995kg. He also got a nice 2.49kg Blue Moki.

Well done to all those who got out and about and also to those who brought something home.Again congratulations to James, Kane, Sharon and Estella, and any others.

A reminder PRIZE GIVING will be SUNDAY 24TH JULY, at the TARADALE CLUB, please let Yoey know if you are able to attend by the 17th july.
Take care over the Winter, see you at the meetings and prize giving.

Cheers Nikki

Field Weekend 12.pdf

Nationals Results for Pania

Well done to the team who participated in this years Nationals. Awesome results.

KaneKane Wrigglesworth: Over all Top Surfcaster, Top Shore Fisherman and Heaviest Bag
James Benge: Heaviest Snapper
Ethan Benge: Top Junior Caster, Top Junior for Distance, Top Junior Accuracy, Top Junior Shore Fisherman, Heaviest Fish for a Junior or Midget
Kodi Climo: Second Junior Shore Section.
Xavier Benge: Top Distance Caster Midget, Second Accuracy Midget.
Xavier Cockburn: Top Midget Fisher Shore
Sharon Greene: Top Lady Shore Fishing, Heaviest Fish ladies
Estelle Carmichael: Ladies Postal Casting Champion, Ladies Champion Accuracy, Overall Ladies Casting Champion, Third Distance Casting, Second ladies Shore Fishing
Sue Chambers: 2nd Distance Casting, 2nd ladies Accuracy, Third Ladies Fisher Shore
Trish Yeoman: Veteran ladies Overall Casting Champion, Top Veteran Ladies Distance Casting , Second Veteran ladies Accuracy, Top Veteran Lady Fisher Shore
Jim Yeoman: Top Postal Casting Veteran Men
Sue Lawson: Top Postal Casting Veteran ladies
Pania Surfcasting Club: Second Shore Fishing, Second Casting Third Overall
Full Nationals Results are on the NZACA Website

Field Weekend #11

Well our second to last field weekend once again seen nasty Southerlies hit us mid to late week which made the fishing its usual difficult self.

PeterKWell done to all those who got out for the weekend. 17 of us gave it our all. Especially Sue and Estella who pulled an all nighter on Saturday Night at Awatoto and fought hard.

29 fish were weighed with a couple of surprises amongst the Chilly Bins.

5 Red Cod were weighed, 2 at .800kg going to both Hamish Nichol and Mark Taylor and 2 at .790kg going to Mark Taylor and Kane Wrigglesworth. Sue Lawson had the last one at .650kg.

13 Kahawai were landed with Mark Taylor taking out the heaviest of 1.95kg and 2nd equal with Jimmy Beazley at 1.89kg.

9 SSH were caught with Kane Wrigglesworth having 1st and 2nd with 4.52kg and 3.04kg. 3rd went to Jimmy Beazley of 2.9kg.

Our Chilly Bin surprises went to Peter Kilkelly with a nice Pin Trevally of 1.63kg and Mark Taylors 5.28kg Kingfish.

MarkTOur top fisher for the weekend was Mark Taylor with a nice bin full (8 fish) followed closely by Jimmy Beazley (6 fish).

Well done to all who weighed in it was definitely tough for many.

We have a Club Meeting at the fire station this coming Wednesday 6th April 7.30pm with a quick committee meeting at 7.00pm, as Yoey informed us at weigh in.

We are on the countdown now till the NZACA Nationals starting Wednesday 20th April. All the best to those who are heading up. Travel safe and enjoy yourselves.

Our final Field weekend will be the 14th and 15th may, here’s hoping we have some better weather and seas 😊

Tight Lines and Happy Fishing

FW11 points.pdf

Photos: Mark Roberts