Kahawai Comp 2021

Well done to Junior Tangi on winning the top prize for this years Kahawai Competition.

Huge thanks to all of our event sponsors and club members.

Top 15 placings

Name Weight Position
Junior Tangi 1.765 1st
Mark Cockburn 1.670 2nd
Michael Kaka 1.640 3rd
Soli Petaia 1.615 4th
Mark Kapelli 1.525 5th
TeHemopo Kaiauria 1.385 6th
Jake Moanaaroa 1.345 7th
Nick Powis 1.135 8th
Lacey Hatter 1.095 9th
Nick Powis 0.895 10th
Jaden Witika 0.865 11th
Junior Tangi 0.835 12th
Thomas Wiki 0.740 13th
Bastian Kuesel 0.725 14th
Delfin Laguda 0.655 15th


Hunting and Fishing Field weekend ten

With the weather looking less than average the call was made early to extend the weekend into an open field weekend, a number of members ventured up into the bay of plenty, with most bringing home a decent bag of quality fish.

The prizes were split 50/50 between those that traveled and those who fished locally, Best gurnard was a nice .92kg fish caught by Dion, which made the best local fish a 1.45kg Snapper landed by Mark R, Heaviest snapper for the weekend went to Karim it crossed the scales at 3.65 kgs, and the average Kahawai went to George he was the only angler the catch our five-kahawai limit.
Also, on the line this weekend was our Gun City + fishing jackpot fish of a snapper of 2.5kgs or greater, Karim cleaned up with his 3.65kg fish, so our next jackpot fish is a gurnard of .75kgs.

Our next event is the Kahawai Comp held on Sunday the 28 th of March, thanks to the support from all our partner sponsors we will have a total prize pack of over $5000.00 prizes from 1 st – 15 th place an average weight prize valued at
$1000 and heaps of spot prizes, with tickets costing just $20 per rod this is going to be an awesome surfcasting comp.

Points for FW10 to come shortly

Gun City + Fishing Jackpot fish

The Pania shield field weekend saw George F land a impressive 12.2kg Kingfish which took out the jackpot fish worth $200.00 of Gun City + Fishing vouchers congratulations George.
Thanks to Mark I our next Jackpot fish is a snapper of 2.5kgs or greater, and with the local weather conditions being less than average this weekend, we have decided to change this coming field weekend to an open weekend, the $50.00 Gun City + Fishing voucher may very well be struck this weekend, good luck and tight lines to all members fishing this weekend.

Peter K

Field weekend 10 – Open

Hunting and Fishing field weekend-ten is now an open weekend (fish anywhere) however the fishing times remain the same, start fishing Friday 6pm with weigh in at the fire station midday Sunday. Thanks to Hunting and Fishing we have prizes for Heaviest Snapper, Average Kahawai, best Gurnard and best local fish caught.
Don’t forget the new jackpot fish of a Snapper 2.5kgs or better and we also have a lucky angler draw.

Good luck


Pania shield results:

Fifteen member fished the annual pania shield comp against Wairoa and Gisborne.
The teams enjoyed perfect conditions and although fishing was slow some excellent bags of fish were weighed.
Top 5 bag weights from each club decided the winner with pania winning the shield back with a bag of 83.61kg.
Second was Gisborne with 63.45kg, with Wairoa 3rd 48.76kg.
Congrats to everyone who weighed fish.
Thanks once again to Gisborne and Wairoa for a hard fought comp!
For Pania the top 5 bags weighed were as follows:
Kane – 27.14kg
Dion – 18.23kg
Ian – 14.16kg
George – 13.6kg
Pete – 10.48kg
Nice work lads!
With the pania shield doubling as FW 9 there was some standout fish weighed. Pins went to Kane for a kahawai (2.86) and blue moki (3.87).
Dion a kahawai (2.85) and trevally (1.66)
Ian for his kahawai (2.94) and last but not least George for his solid kingfish (12.2).
George’s kingi also took out the $200 jackpot!
Other prize winners were Hamish – heaviest snapper.
Jason C – heaviest gurnard.
Kane – Average weight kahawai.
George – heaviest other for his kingi.
Well done team!

New format for this season, scroll down this table to see links for other spreadsheets, points, species etc.

Pania Shield + FW9

This weekend is the Pania shield. Gizzy and Wairoa have both confirmed they will have teams there. Let’s get a strong Pania team there to win back the shield!
This weekend doubles as field weekend 9.
When – starts 5am Saturday 27th Feb till 10am Sunday 28th.
Boundaries- Wairoa River mouth to the Nuhaka River mouth.
Weigh in – Whakaki car park, 10am.
Rules –
* top 5 weight bags for each club count for shield
Species –
* snapper (10, min 30cm)
* kahawai (5, min 45cm)
* gurnard (10, min 500g)
* trevally (10, min 30cm)
* kingfish (2, min 75cm)
Note – Lemons don’t count for Pania shield, but can be weighed for FW points.
Field weekend 9 prizes are for,
* heaviest snapper
* heaviest gurnard
* ave weight kahawai
* heaviest other
( note – prizes will not be given out at the prize giving. Pete will give prizes out at a later date. )
Any questions, hit me up…
Tight lines,

Weigh Master’s Report Field Weekend Eight 13th -15th February 2021

Field Weekend Eight, kindly sponsored by Crafty’s, was a ‘challenge weekend’ that started on Friday evening. The challenge was ‘red fish…blue fish’. For every red fished weighed a corresponding blue fish would receive one and a half times the points value. For most, fishing was tough. This showed at the weigh-in with the 19 anglers only weighing 43 fish in total!
There were some standouts though, with Kane weighing an outstanding bag of fish that included the maximum 10 Snapper! and George and Jimmy B both weighing pin Snapper. George’s Snapper tipping the scales at 24 pounds! Nice work boys!
Prizes went to George for his Snapper; Tareq took out the Gurnard prize; Jimmy B scored the average weight Kahawai and Chris won heaviest ‘other’ for his SSH. Once again, the jackpot prize for a Kingfish over 85cm was not struck and jackpots to $200 for FW 9.
Field weekend nine is the Pania Shield kicking off at 5am on the 28th of Feb. Boundaries are between the Wairoa and Nuhaka river mouths, with weigh-in at the Whakaki car park at 10am Sunday. Let’s get a strong team up there to take the shield back!
Thanks again to Crafty’s for your ongoing support.
Tight lines

New format for this season, scroll down this table to see links for other spreadsheets, points, species etc.

FW8 Challenge

This weekend’s challenge is red fish bluefish.
For every red fish weighed ( Gurnard snapper red cod) your corresponding number of bluefish points will be multiplied.
For eample – 4snapper 3 gurnard = 7 redfish,  up to 7 bluefish will have THEIR points multiplied by 1.5 …
BLUEFISH qualifying are Kahawai kingfish trevally bluemoki blue cod ONLY.

Weigh Master’s Report Field Weekend Seven 29th & 31st January 2021

Field Weekend Seven sponsored by Thirsty Liquor and Black Bull was an ‘Early Bird’ weekend starting on Friday evening. Unfortunately, a strong southerly swept into Hawke’s Bay on Friday morning making the northern beaches unfishable, meaning the 16 members who fished had to slog it out locally in less-than-ideal conditions. This resulted in only 19 fish crossing the scales!
There were however three big standouts! Kane and George both scored solid pin Snapper of 7.17kg and 6.81kg respectively and Duncan weighed a pin Trevally of 2.19kg caught at Westshore! Awesome work lads!
Extremely popular beverage prizes went to Kane for his Snapper; Hamish for the heaviest Gurnard; Duncan’s Trevally took out the best ‘other’ and Ivan caught the average weight Kahawai. Thanks once again to our awesome sponsors!
Field weekend Eight kicks is an ‘Early Bird’ FW kicking off on Friday the 12th of Feb. It is also a Challenge Weekend with the challenge to be announced nearer the time.
In the meantime, keep in mind the Kahawai comp is getting closer, so please make the effort to get out and secure sponsored prizes. Every little bit helps for the club to run a successful comp.
Tight lines,


New format for this season, scroll down this table to see links for other spreadsheets, points, species etc.