Gun City + Fishing Jackpot

Well done Roy on his 2.85kg Kahawai, which took out the $250.00 jackpot prize at our last field weekend, this coming weekend we have our fifth jackpot fish for the season, it’s fantastic that these fish at the top end of the weight scales are being targeted and caught by club members.
So our next fish is a KINGFISH of 85cm or greater, as usual we will kick of the kingfish jackpot with a $50.00 Gun City + Fishing voucher and $50.00 cash.
Still heaps of Kingfish about so get those livies out or start throwing poppers.
Good luck everybody.

Peter K

Weigh Master’s Report Field Weekend Seven 11 & 12 January 2020

Field Weekend Seven sponsored by Hamill’s was the first for 2020 and a challenge weekend where members had to weigh three different species to earn a bonus 300 points. Of the 20 members fishing only four managed this.
Most found the fishing reasonably hard with the exception of those who travelled to Whakaki. Kane, Dion and Peter K all brought good bags of fish to the scales with Kane and Pete weighing their maximum ten Snapper and Dion with six.
Prizes kindly donated by Hamill’s were won by Mark Ives with the average-weight Kahawai, George with the heaviest Snapper, James Benge with his heaviest-other, a Kingfish of 6.12kg. Xavier Benge took out the Junior prize, and Kane took out the heaviest combined ‘triple-species’ bag. Not to be outdone, the Jackpot prize ($250) for a Kahawai over 2.8kg went to Roy Frost with his 2.85kg, well done Roy!
Roy’s Kahawai was also the only pinfish caught for Field Weekend Seven.
A massive thanks to Hamill’s for their ongoing support.
Field Weekend Eight is an early bird field weekend kicking on Friday 31st January with a normal midday weigh on Sunday.
Tight Lines.

New format for this season, scroll down this table to see links for other spreadsheets, points, species etc.

Hamills treble 300 field weekend

Hamills outlet store, Field weekend seven has the potential for you to earn an additional 300 bonus points, just weigh in three different species to collect those points.

This weekend we have a total prize pool of over $500.00, prizes will be for
Heaviest Snapper, Average Kahawai, Best other, heaviest three species bag, our jackpot fish a Kahawai of 2.8kg or better, and a couple of lucky angler draws.

Heads up on the average Kahawai, after 32 events the average weigh is 1.669kg

Normal boundaries apply, start fish time is 5am Saturday and weigh in will be at the fire station midday Sunday.

Good luck
Peter K

Gun City + Fishing Jackpot

Happy New year everybody hopefully we have all come through the new year festivity’s unscathed, and are ready to hunt down our jackpot fish, a Kahawai of 2.8kgs or better which now has a prize value of $250.00 both in cash and Gun City + Fishing vouchers.
There are still plenty of Kahawai around and some have been feasting on a late run of Whitebait, so are in great condition.
Good luck I will follow up with the weekend details in the next couple of days.

Just a reminder there is Not a meeting this month, the next club meeting will be February the 5th

Peter K

Weigh Master’s Report Field Weekend Six 14 & 15 December 2019

Rockgas HB Field Weekend Six was our annual ‘ham’s event’ with 25 members enjoying reasonable conditions with varying levels of success. Those who travelled north found a few Snapper, but none over 2kg.
There were some very memorable fish crossing the scales, with pins going to Rex (2.57kg Kahawai), Kane with two stonking trunked SSH’s (5.99kg and 8.85kg), Jimmy B with a very solid King Fish (11.59kg), and last but definitely not least, Tareq with the fish of a lifetime, a beast of a Kingfish weighing 25.29kg from good old Awatoto. Way to go Tareq, what an awesome fish! That one fish earning Tareq an amazing 1050 club points!
The main prizes went to the following: average weight Kahawai for the whole ham went to Kane, Snapper prize went to James B and Dion for identical weight fish. Rex took out the ham for the heaviest Kahawai. The heaviest ‘other’ obviously went to Tareq for his monster Kingy. Xavier B won the lucky draw ham. The Jackpot prize of $200 was not struck again and Jackpots for Field Weekend 7.
Halfway through the season, sees Kane leading the points table with an impressive 5510 points, followed by James B in second and Tareq in third. Estella is leading the Women’s table with 621 points and Xavier B leading the Junior’s with 764 points.
On the ‘Most Species’ table Kane and James B are fighting it out, currently tied with nine each.
A massive thanks to Rockgas HB for their ongoing support.
Field Weekend Seven is the first for 2020 kicking off on the 11th of January.
Merry Christmas and Tight Lines.

Tareq with his 25kg Kingy


Andy and Gary with a fine pair of Kings

New format for this season, scroll down this table to see links for other spreadsheets, points, species etc.

Weigh Master’s Report Field Weekend Five 30th November – 1 December 2019

Field Weekend Five, sponsored by Thirsty Liquor was a ‘fish-together’ weekend, with the chosen beach being Mohaka.
Eighteen members fished, but unfortunately fishing was patchy at best, with most struggling to find the fish.
The hard fishing showed at weigh-in with only 23 Kahawai, 10 Snapper and 1 Trevally crossing the scales.
Sizes were down also, with no Kahawai over 2kg, and no Snapper over 1 kg. Subsequently, the ‘Jackpot Fish’ (a kahawai over 2.8kg) was not threatened, and $50 will be added to the jackpot for Field Weekend 6, our ‘Ham’s Weekend’.

Thirsty Liquor prizes that were won went to Kane for heaviest Snapper (0.92kg). Kane’s 0.95kg Trevally also took out heaviest ‘other’. Average weight Kahawai prize was won by George.
The Ham’s Field Weekend 6 kicks of 14 December. Good luck to all those fishing.
Tight lines

New format for this season, scroll down this table to see links for other spreadsheets, points, species etc.

Rockgas HB Hams Weekend

Saturday 5am is the start fish time for our hams weekend thanks to Rockgas HB, normal boundaries apply and weigh in will be at the fire station midday Sunday. This is our biggest prize offering weekend, Hams for
Heaviest Snapper 1st, 2nd and 3rd
Heaviest Gurnard 1st, 2nd and 3rd
Heaviest Other 1st, 2nd and 3rd
Lucky number draw will also have a ham 1st draw and refreshment package 2nd draw average Kahawai will take out the massive 10kg whole ham. We will have prizes for everybody who has entered the hams @$10 per rod so please make sure you have paid your fees before mid nite Friday. If you normally fish two rods the cost will be $20.00.
Don’t forget our jackpot Kahawai of 2.8kgs is also worth an additional $200.00.

Tight lines and good luck

Peter K

Gun City + Fishing’s jackpot

Gun City + Fishing’s jackpot fish is now into its third weekend as the 2.8kg Kahawai is yet to be caught, so if you can weigh in a Kahawai of 2.8kg or better you will take home a prize pack valued at $200, a mix of Gun City + fishing vouchers and $$$$ Heaps of Kahawai about but are there any horses ??

Xmas BBQ

Any members who are going to attend the club’s Xmas BBQ at LeQuesne rd this Sunday should let Melissa know before Friday. Bring a salad or similar. Meat supplied.

Start time 230pm onwards. 

Thirsty Liquor and Black Bull Field Weekend 5 Fish together

Thirsty Liquor and Black Bull Field Weekend 5 Fish together will be held at Mohaka as planned
Start time 5am Saturday: Weigh in 10am Sunday at carpark:
Boundaries 100m South of “Mussel rock where river exits” to the “Cliffs” North of Waikare.
Quads need to be in sight of last southern parked club member at all times.