Hamills treble 300 field weekend

Field weekend six is kindly sponsored by Hamills outlet store and it’s an opportunity to earn an additional 300 points just by weighing in three different species ( Treble 300 )

Start fish time is 6pm Friday with weigh in midday Sunday at the fire station.

Prizes for the heaviest Snapper, best Gurnard, heaviest other, average weight Kahawai, and a couple of lucky angler draws

Don’t forget we have a new jackpot fish a Blue Moki of 2.5kgs or greater to target.

Tight lines
Pete K

Gun City + Fishing Jackpot

Thanks to an impressive Kingfish of 13.45KG caught by Dion in field weekend five,
(Dion took home a tidy $250.00 worth of Gun City + Fishing vouchers)

We now have a new jackpot, the Fish drawn by Matty Matt is a blue Moki of 2.5kg or greater if one or more fish over 2.5kgs are caught the heaviest will take out the $50.00 Gun City voucher.

Good luck

FW Five 2021/22 Weighmasters report

Field weekend five, was kindly sponsored by Rockgas and was our annual ‘hams’ weekend.
Good sea and weather conditions saw some very respectable bags of fish cross the scales. Leading the way was Kane with 19 fish, George with 13 and Karim with 10. Nice work lads!
Also, an impressive 12 pin fish were weighed! This included 7 Trevally, the heaviest 2.31kg to Ian. Two Kahawai, including a 2.61kg to junior Jayve Wire. A huge 7.05kg SSH to Kane and two solid Kingfish, the first of the season, to George and Dion. Dion’s 13.45kg also took out the first jackpot of the season. Shot Aunty!
Ten hams were dished out to ten deserving winners with Ian taking the big whole ham for the average weight Kahawai. Well done to all the members taking home a ham!
A big thank you to our sponsor Rockgas for there ongoing support of the club and a huge thanks to Peter Kilkelly for organising and running another very successful hams weekend!
Good luck to all Pania members for a very fishy 2022!
Tight lines,

New format for this season, scroll down this table to see links for other spreadsheets, points, species etc.

Rockgas HB hams field weekend

The Rockgas HB hams field weekend is traditionally our biggest weekend, we have hams for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each of the following categories. Snapper, Gurnard and other, the major prize of a huge whole ham, will go to the winner closest to the average Kahawai weight.
After the hams have been presented everybody will get to choose a prize and what that prize will be depends on the number of fish you weigh, there are a number of different products to choose from so the person with the most fish has the first pick of the products and so on until everybody has selected their prize One prize per angler.
Also don’t forget the jackpot is on top of the above prizes, massive weekend coming up
Normal boundaries apply, lines in the water from 6pm Friday with weigh in midday Sunday VENUE TO BE ADVISED
Weather wise it’s looking awesome, light winds, slight sea with cloud cover maybe the odd shower Saturday afternoon (perfect)
Our expectation is that men will fish their normal two rods, ladies and juniors have the option of one or two rods
To enter the cost is $10 per rod, this must be paid prior to 6pm Friday, you can pay by online deposit to account 03-1355-0774659-000 or catch up with Mel, or Pete Tuesdays meeting could work for some.

Good luck & tight lines

Peter K

Results after FW4

FW Four 2021/22 Weighmasters report

Field weekend four, was kindly sponsored by Hunting and Fishing and was a ‘local boundary’ weekend.
With near perfect sea and weather conditions expectations were high, but the ‘super moon’ had other ideas with just about all members struggling to find the fish!
There were however some nice fish to cross the scales with five pin fish weighed. Tareq with a big Barracouta (3.25kg). Peter K, a Trevally (1.88kg). Hamish, a Gurnard (1.15kg). Jamie Wire with a huge Gurnard, (1.39kg). But the standout for the weekend went to young junior member Harlem Ratana with his very impressive Trevally (3.43kg). Awesome work Harlem!!
Once again, the jackpot fish, a Kingfish over 85cm was not struck, so jackpots to field weekend five.
Prizes for field weekend four went to Karim for heaviest Snapper. James B for heaviest Kahawai. Jamie for heaviest Gurnard. Kevin for average weight Kahawai and Harlem took out the junior prize for his Trevally. Thanks again to Hunting and Fishing!
Field weekend five is our annual hams weekend and kicks off on Friday the 10th December. Good luck to all members trying to secure that Xmas ham!
Tight lines,

New format for this season, scroll down this table to see links for other spreadsheets, points, species etc.

Field Weekend 3 Results

Due to the crap sea conditions not a lot of fish were caught.
Below are the weigh in details.

New format for this season, scroll down this table to see links for other spreadsheets, points, species etc.

Hunting & Fishing field weekend 4

The weather for the Hunting & Fishing field weekend four is looking absolutely awesome, slight seas and variable breezes for the whole weekend, Friday 6pm is start fish time with weigh in at the fire station midday Sunday, normal boundaries apply
Our prizes have a combined value of over $500 for the heaviest Snapper, best Gurnard, average Kahawai, and heaviest Kahawai, with such great fishing conditions I believe the jackpot will go this weekend !! And don’t forget our chocolate fish spot prizes

Good luck & tight lines

Peter K