Brass Monkey one

Given the current weather forecast for Sunday (absolute crap) we will be holding our first brass monkey fish together on SATURDAY the 19th this Saturday, meet at the toilets on Le Quesne road no later than 8am, we will fish Le Quesne road and have the weigh in back at the toilets at 2.30 pm.
For senior fishos a two dollar entry fee will be payable before we start fishing, junior members have the option to partake or not in the sweepstake.
The sweepstake will be paid to the highest points winner on the day, should points be equal the heaviest bag will win the sweepstake, I’m also working on a sponsor for the brass monkey series so there should also be prizes on the day.

Traditionally the first fish together would determine the singles title, this year the single Brass monkey title will go to the most successful fisher over the three brass monkey fish together events, (combined points over the three days).

Please bring any trophies you may have to the fish together, we need to collect them in preparation for this years prize giving.

Tight lines
Peter K

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