Brass Monkey Two: Doubles

Twelve keen fishers attended this event with the chosen beach North Shore Road. The weather was fine, with the swell around a .7 to 1.0m, and a pretty clean sea. Despite the slightly rough conditions there were fish around, the main fare being Kahawai.
A few clubbies took up to the challenge of finding a weigher and presented fish to the scales. The top pairs were 3rd, Jimmy B (1.10 Kg Kahawai) and Ian Cross, 2nd Gary K ( 1.16kg Kahawai) and Dion, 1st, Mark I (1.48 kg Kahawai) and Kevy O. Congratulations to them all.
The pot went to Mark I for his effort in catching the heaviest fish.
As regards the overall winner of the Brass Monkey for the 2020 season, this goes to Jimmy with 160 points for attendance and catching fish on both days, a SSH 3.80kg (BM 1) and a Kahawai 1.10 kg (BM2). Iā€™d like to thank everyone for attending this year and wish you all the best for the rest of the season. Cheers and enjoy the eggs. Rex

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