Casting Champs 2016

Thanks to all those who attended our club casting day. The weather was fine and hot but I still can’t seem to get the wind direction right, no matter how meny forcast I read.However I hope that everyone had a good day.
Mark Ives

Here are the results in no particular order

  Accuracy Points Distance
James Parahi 57.90 165.46m
Mark Roberts 85.86 178.66m
Gary Kemsley 77.02 148.98m
John Purser 90.78 117.73m
Hamish Nichol 94.00 181.85m
Tareq Assa’d 44.20 143.99m
Simon Te Whaiti jnr 104.40 148.70m
Jimmy Beazley 71.70 150.58m
Alan Park 43.90 113.17m
Sue Lawson 54.50 72.77m
Sue Kemsley 69.06 92.98m
Estella Carmichael 38.90 85.43m
Paula Burden 19.50 47.42m
Murry Choat 20.20 102.31m

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