Casting champs

Club casting champs has been added to the calendar for the 1st of March

This is the day that you as a club member can chance your arm to see how far and accurate you can cast.

There are some club trophies up for grabs, you get 3 casts in the accuracy section and 6 casts in the distance section.

Age divisions are:
Midget under 12 years
Junior 12 to 17
Ladies & Men 18 to 54
Veterans- Ladies & Men 55 to 64
Golden Oldies- Ladies & Men 65 +

Midget and Juniors must use a sinker no heavier than 113gm (4oz), everyone else no heavier than 170gm (6oz).

Ladies & Juniors cast at 40m,60m,& 80m one cast at each. All Others cast at 60m,80m,& 100m.
For the accuracy we use an artificial bait made of 10mm dowel 100mm long supplied by the club.

Distance casting is done on a court measuring 200m long by 100m wide, in the shape of a triangle. Your casting line must be no thinner than 0.25mm for all sinker weights

The club has a tool to measure this if you want to check your line thickness out before the day, just ring me at home after 8pm.

Start time 9am.

Bring lots of food and water for a full day.
Mark Ives

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