Club Captain’s Report

yoeyI would like to take the opportunity to thank all our sponsors this season.
Hammill’s Hastings Heaviest Snapper, Hunting & Fishing Napier Heaviest Gurnard, Crafty’s Hastings Heaviest kahawai, Action Outdoors Napier Heaviest fish for a Junior FCO Hastings Heaviest fish for a Lady. An awesome effort by you all and well appreciated by all our club members.

I would also like to thank everyone of you who put in the mileage and effort to wet your lines this season. We saw some great fish weighed in. James Benge and his 13kg Snapper, Sue Lawsons impressive 54kg Seven Gill Shark just to name two. Thank you also for the support for the Pania Shield, the Hams weekend, the Take a Mate and especially the “Yoey Challenges”

James Benge with his 13.44 kg snapper caught at 'snapper rock'.

James Benge with his 13.44 kg snapper caught at ‘snapper rock’.

I am trying to get some response on how we get you new members wetting your lines alongside us. I would like you to go onto our Website and give an opinion to our survey. If you don’t catch fish or don’t know how to cast I can tell you honestly none of could once upon a time. There is only one way to learn and there are many of us who will help you.

Chad’s Proposal: It is bold and exciting. It is a whole new dimension and a huge challenge. It is still “ONLY A PROPOSAL”, it has not been accepted by the NZACA Executive at this stage and is to be discussed and decided upon on the 6th July. I would appreciate constructive thoughts only.
Roll on the Brass Monkey.


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