Club Competitions (rules)

Competition Overview

The club has 12 field weekends per season and 10 mid-week twilight fish events. We also have three “Brass Monkey” winter events.

Field weekends:
Field weekends start at 5.00am Saturday morning, and you must reach the weigh in at Napier by 12 noon on Sunday. If you are late for a weigh in, your fish will not be counted for the competition unless the reason for lateness is accepted by the committee. The reason must be exceptional. Members are expected to allow for routine delays.
Field weekend fishing boundary is Herbertville to Mahanga.
You may not fish up a river or into a river mouth  – lines must be cast toward the sea from the beach proper.
No fishing is allowed in the area known as the Iron Pot at Ahuriri, extending inland from a line marked by Perfume Point. No fishing is allowed from the Napier breakwater or from any of the harbour wharves. No fishing is allowed in the Te Angiangi Marine Reserve between Aramoana and Blackhead.

Twilight Events:
The twilight fish events are held mid week, usually Wednesday or Thursday nights at one of the local beaches.
They start at 6pm and finish at 9pm. Weigh in is held at the beach at 9pm. Entry is $2 per angler and the overall winner takes the pot at the end of the series.

Brass Monkey Events:
These are held mid winter (hence the name). Members gather at the Napier Fire Station at 8am on Sunday morning and the club captain will decide then and there which beach we are fishing.
Entry is $2 per angler.

Please download the current rules and angler info here.

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