Club history and current points update

We hope all you members who cannot currently go fishing due to the covid lockdown are not going insane stuck at home. Hopefully we will get through this sooner rather than later and be once again able to enjoy our chosen hobby.

In the interests of giving you something other than virus news to read, Gary Kemsley has sent in some interesting insights as to what surfcasting used to be like for the club.

Those were the days! 20 years ago.
Here a few results of Field Weekends back in the late 90’s, early 2000’s.
Interesting to note that the top anglers in that period were Kevin O’Connor,
Kane Wrigglesworth, myself, and James Parahi.
1998 Field Day 14, 30/31st May, 23 anglers 129 fish 2 club records.
1998 Field Day 3, 7/8 November, 31 anglers 160 fish 3 pins.
1998 Field Day 6, 17/18 January, 28 anglers 76 fish 8 pins.
1998 Wharf Day 19 th April, 34 anglers, 42 fish 2 pins 1 club record. (2 Threshers sharks!)
1999 Field Day 3, 13/14 November, 32 anglers 183 fish, 3 pins.
1999 Field Day 7, 30/31 January, 22 anglers 76 fish 9 pins.
1999 Field Day 12A, 1 st /2nd May, 24 anglers 63 fish 5 pins.
1999 Field day 14, 15/16 May, 27 anglers 99 fish 2pins and 2 records.
A personal achievement for me came in November 2002. I was lucky enough to find a
patch of big gurnard after a couple of years of trying. My field day catch included five pin
gurnard and one that was only 0.98 kg. The pins were 1.06, 1.20, 1.22, 1.36, 1.58kg. the
larger is a club record that still stands!
Did we really recognise that the fishing twenty years later would be so different? I dont
think so. How will it be in another twenty years?
Gary Kemsley.

And a 1966 fishing tournament flyer.

Latest club points below as well…

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