Covid rules compliance

Please note that due being in the Red light of the Covid-19 Protection Framework, our field weekends will now be a vaxed only event.  At this stage children under 12 years of age will all be able to attend regardless of their vaccination status.
Any children aged 12 years or over, will need to show a vaccine pass.   Whilst masks won’t be mandatory as we have the space to ourselves, they are encouraged.  Everyone attending will need to scan the QR code and show Mel your vaccine pass (will only need to do this once, as we will hold a register).  This allows us to have up to 100 people instead of having to reduce numbers to less than 25.  As a club, holding events, we need to be following the current guidelines.

For any non vaxed members, you will be able to nominate a club member to weigh any fish for you.   This is a moving target, with a lot of information to sift through to determine we are doing the right thing by our members.  We will be reviewing things if and when the colours change or the government update their stance.

Pania Shield
At this stage the Pania Shield will go ahead on the weekend of 19/20 Feb.  Pete has spoken with Gisborne and they are onboard.
Both clubs have agreed this will be a vaxed only event.

Kahawai Comp
We have not made any decision regarding our comp as yet.  Pete has been dealing with the council and there is a bit of red tape to get through.
The committee will be meeting shortly to discuss everything.

2022 Nationals
The NZACA have made the decision to cancel the 2022 Nationals to be held in HB at the end of March.

If anyone has any queries or concerns, please contact Mel or Pete

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