Email alerts from the club.

It has come to our attention that some members are not receiving the automated alert emails from this website when something new is posted.
This is due so spam filters at certain providers treating the messages as spam and deleting them (usually to your spam folder) before you see them.
To fix this issue you need to mark these emails as “not spam” so that your service provider will let them through.
There are a couple of ways to do this.
Services like hotmail and xtra will usually let emails through if the senders address is in your ONLINE address book.
You need to login to your ISP’s email page and search the spam folder for the Pania emails. Right click on the senders name and choose ‘add to address book’ .
In Gmail there is actually a NOT SPAM button at the top of the spam folder window.
Open a Pania email and click the NOT SPAM button.
If you are using software like Office/Outlook/Thunderbird/etc to read your emails, the spam folder may not be present and you will need to close that and login to your providers email portal as above.
You can of course manually add [email protected] to your ONLINE address book if you want.


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