Feild Weekend #8 (Mates)

2015-01-24 20.28.12

Chris Morris – 15.340kg Kingfish

Twenty six anglers fished this weekend with 5 of them bringing along mates.
With a catch of 33 fish in total.

Twenty one Kahawai were weighed, the heaviest again going to Kane Wrigglesworth with a 3.1kg fish
Sue Kemsley weighed the only Snapper.
Nine SSH were weighed with Gary Kemsley landing the heaviest of 6.74kg and finally 2 Kingfish with Chris Morris bringing home a monster of 15.34kg.
A reminder to all anglers catching lemons (SSH) that trunking includes: Fins Heads Insides and Tails.
And if anyone is unsure of fish lengths or minimum weights, start times for field weekends or any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask myself or any other pania member. We are here to help.
Nikki Middleton
James Frings 6.550kg Kingfish

James Frings 6.550kg Kingfish

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