Field Weekend 10

Field weekend ten is a Craftys Challenge weekend, over $300.00 worth of product up for grabs and our Gurnard jackpot is now at $250.00 combined prize package of around $580.00. The weather is looking promising with Ocean and Mahunga beaches showing only half a metre of swell these beaches could produce that elusive .75kg Gurnard.

The Challenge this weekend is species based:
First species across the scales is worth normal points
Second species will be worth 1.5 their normal points
Third will worth double their normal points and so on the more species you weigh in the higher their points value will be, just think about in what order you weigh your catch.

Start fish is at our normal time of 5.30am Saturday, normal boundaries, and weigh in Midday Sunday at the fire station. I will also have 5 & 6 oz breakout sinkers for sale at $2 each.
Good luck

Peter K

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