Field Weekend 10 (Mates Weekend)

Field Weekend # 10 Results.

Weighed in were :
10 Snapper
12 Gurnard
84 Kahawai
7 Red Cod
3 Eels
1 Blue Moki
1 Blue Cod
1 Yellow eyed Mullet.
1 Jack Mackerel

Fish of the Day was a 52.0kg Seven gill Shark caught by Sue lawson
Total fish weighed in 127.

Heaviest Snapper  Hamills Voucher Hamish Nichol 1.92kg
Heaviest Gurnard Hunting & Fishing Voucher Sue lawson  .99kg
Heaviest Kahawai Crafty’s Hastings Voucher James Parahi 2.48kg
Heaviest fish by a lady FCO Hastings Voucher and Hat Sue Lawson 52.0kg Seven Gill Shark.
Heaviest fish by a Junior Action Outdoors Voucher Kahawai 1.88kg

Winners of the Mates:
Kane and Ken Stone  1145 points
James Parahi and Brett Lawson  855 points
Hamish Nichol and Jack Lawson 770 points


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