Field Weekend #12 (final for 2014-15 season)

Well what a great end to the season. Nice weather, ok seas and well a few fish.
Nineteen fishos went out and gave it their all, with 59 fish being caught.
Forty eight Kahawai were landed, with the heaviest of 2.25kg going to Kane Wrigglesworth
Two SSH were caught with Kane catching both of those as well.
One lonesome Bastard Red Cod, also Kane’s.
Three Trevally were weighed, Nikki bringing the heaviest in of 1.595kg
One Snapper going to Dion along with the only 2 Gurnard caught.
And finally 2 very nice Kingies….
James Parahi got one at 6.56kg and the other beauty going to Alan Park with a nice 11.075 fish.

Well done to all those who fished the 2014-2015 season. Bring on the Brass Monkeys, and the 2015-2016 season….
Better weather,
Nice Seas,
More fish?.


Alan Park

Alan Park with his 11.075kg Kingfish


James Parahi with his 6.56kg Kingfish


Kelly with a good haul of Kahawai


Nikki with a Pin Trevally of 1.595kg

How to practice effective catch and release 🙂


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