Field Weekend #3

Well field weekend 3 has been and gone and what a gorgeous weekend it was. Alas i didnt get out to fish but enjoyed the days just the same.
16 members got out and about over the weekend with 40 fish and a descent mixed bag of 7 species caught.
Tareq has been crowned our Red Cod king this weekend bringing home 4, with two being the heaviest and 2nd heaviest at 1.585kg and 1.555kg. Kane got the 3rd heaviest at 1.335kg.
5 Cricket Bats were caught …… Barracuda…. with Peter Kilkelly’s being .015gms off of a pin at 2.985kg. Kane got 2nd heaviest at 2.2kg and Mark Ives the 3rd batsman at 2.19kg. Rex Manley and Dion Jeffares finishing the team for the weekend with 2.12kg and 1.545kg cudas.
Kane landed the only Banded Wrasse at 0.59kg. With Peter Kilkelly getting the only SSH at 2.31kg.
23 Kahawai were weighed and again the heaviest only being slightly off a pin by 0.01kg. This was Kane’s at 2.49kg. Jamie Nichol’s was also just under by .025 being 2.475kg. Kane brought home the 3rd heaviest at 2.085kg.
The weekends Honourable mentions goes to Peter Kilkelly, not only for his Pin Tope at 11.26kg. But for his catch of the elusive bay Snapper at .82kg.
Its good to see that the waters are starting to warm up slightly to allow for the nice fish to return.
Duncan Torwick has caught a couple of good 1kg Gurnard over the past couple of months, here’s hoping the numbers increase 😊
A reminder to all that Postal Casting will be on SUNDAY 30th October @ Hastings Polo Grounds, entry to grounds off BENNETT ROAD as they have fenced off the grounds along Elwood Road, 9am start.
Field Weekend 4 will be the 5th and 6th of November, with our twilight fish’s starting on the Wednesday 9th Nov at Awatoto, $2 pp 6-9pm

Have a Safe and Happy Long well deserved weekend. Tight lines and Happy fishing to all who get out for a flick.


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