Field Weekend #5

Blue MokiA record 42 members took part in Field Weekend 5. With the added bonus of winning hams and meat packs, members roamed far and wide in search of the heaviest fish over several species.
Most beaches were easily fishable weather wise, with very little swell due to strong offshore winds.
Heaviest Snapper was caught by Hamish Nichol with a 1.205kg fish as well as the heaviest Moki at 3.2kg. Heaviest Gurnard went to Dion Jeffares at 0.925. Heaviest Kahawai went to Kevin O’Connor at 2.625kg.
Other species were well represented as well with the heaviest being a 15.070kg 7-Gill Shark taken by Andy Gunn.
Well done to all who put in a huge effort this weekend.

Mike Percy

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