Field Weekend #5

Kane's Moki and Hewihewi

Kane’s Moki and Hewihewi

Field weekend 5 turned out to be okay for many, our second to last field weekend for the year and the fish are starting to show their presence. Well done to all who got out and about, and to those who caught fish.

Twenty three anglers got out and about this weekend, with a mixed bag of fish caught, 39 in total, our best one yet!
Lets start with the Kahawai, 12 were caught in total.  James Parahi got the heaviest of 2.31kg, with Peter Kilkelly close behind with one at 2.29kg and Kane Wrigglesworth with the third heaviest of 2.17.
Tareq Ass’ad and Kane landed our only SSH for the weekend, Kane getting the heaviest of 4.66kg, Tareq second with one at 4.05kg and third to kane with 3.75.
The Red beasts in the Cod jackets made their presence known with 9 being weighed.  Simon Te Whaiti had a decent one at 1.5kg, followed by Estella Charmichael’s two at .940kg and .920kg.
The Bastard Cod amongst them going to Steven Field of 1.04kg.

Some lone landers that were weighed were, Roy Frosts Barracuda of 1.99kg.  Kane’s Hiwi Hiwi of .640kg.  James Frings’s Banded Wrasse.910kg.  Duncan Torwick’s Parore at 2.09kg.

Duncan's Parore

Duncan’s Parore

Finally the rarities….. A lone Gurnard going to Nikki Middleton at.635kg.

Two Snapper going to Peter Kilkelly at .740kg and .790kg.
And Lastly the Blue Moki, 7 of which were caught. The heaviest going to Mark Ives of 2.5kg, second and third to Simon T at 2.435kg, 2.125kg.
Our last field weekend will be HAMS WEEKEND the 12 & 13th December. $10 per rod. Please let Jim know ASAP for numbers.  Good luck to all and may the weather and seas play fair.
Points will be updated after next field weekend as well.
Tight lines and happy fishing

Field Weekend 5.pdf

Fish Caught:
Blue Moki————-7
Bastard Cod———-1
Banded Wrasse—–1

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