Field Weekend #6 (Hams)

Well our final field weekend for 2015 field weekend 6 and our Hams weekend, seen a descent turnout of anglers with 30 getting out and about with the majority heading away.
70 fish were landed in total.
Jimmy Beazley getting the only Red Cod at 700gms and Barracoutta at 1.87kg.
Mark Taylor landed a 580gm Jack Mackeral.
Three SSH were caught, the heaviest being Simon Te Whaiti’s at 3.3kg, second was Garry Kemsley with one at 2.66kg and Hamish Nichols 2.17kg SSH was 3rd.
61 Kahawai were weighed, the heaviest and a pin winner going to Mark Ives at 2.84kg, 2nd was also a pin going to James Frings at 2.77kg, and lastly just shy of a pin was Jamie Nichols of 2.46kg.
Peter Kilkelly and Alan Park brought home a Trevally each with Alan’s weighing in at 1.485kg and Peter’s at 725gm.
Steven Field weighed a beauty Blue Moki at 2.54kg.
A nice effort by all, congratulations to all who fished and caught something.
The Hams Results were a mission to sort, due to the fact that there were no Snapper or Gurnard caught, the Half Hams went to the next heaviest catch……
Winners are:
Whole Ham – Alan Park – Trevally 1.485kg
1/2 Hams –    Peter Kilkelly – Trevally 725gm
                     Mark Ives – Kahawai 2.84kg
                     Simon Te Whaiti – SSH 3.3kg
                     Jimmy Beazley – Barracoutta 1.87kg (other)
                     Trish Yeoman – Kahawai 2.09kg (Ladies, Due to having a spare half ham, Nikki suggested it go to the heaviest ladies fish)
Meat Pack – Mike Percy – Kahawai 2.4kg
                      Garry Kemsley – SSH 2.66kg
                      Jamie Nichol – Kahawai 2.46kg
                      Hamish Nichol – Kahawai 2.29kg
                      Dion Jeffares – Kahawai 2.22kg
Well done to all these winners…..
Have a safe and merry Christmas and New Year. See you all in 2016, may the weather be nice and the seas nicer for us….

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