Field Weekend #8

The weather gods again did their best to deny us this weekend, but even so 22 members turned out to fish in the large swells.
Twelve fish were weighed in. Six Lemons, 3 Kahawai, 2 Snapper and 1 Conger eel.
Heaviest fish was a 5.660 Lemon (trunked) caught by Kane Wrigglesworth.
Heaviest Snapper was 1.620 caught by James Parahi.

Kane Wrigglesworth SSH 5.660  
MarkTaylor Conger Eel 5.360  
Kane Wrigglesworth SSH 2.750  
Peter Kilkelly SSH 2.715  
Andy Gunn SSH 2.710  
Andy Gunn SSH 2.435  
Mark Ives Kahawai 2.315  
Andy Gunn SSH 1.940  
James Parahi Snapper 1.620  
Pete Hamilton Kahawai 1.600  
Mark Ives kahawai 1.585  
Andy Gunn Snapper 0.775  

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