Field Weekend #8 mates weekend

JIMMY BEAZLEYWell a fantastic weekend all round stunning weather albeit a bit on the roasty side, beautiful seas…. and well fish too. Thanks again for bearing with me at weigh in, much appreciated.
Thirty five anglers got out and gave it their all this weekend. 10 pairs and 15 solo fighters….. landing 93 fish in total.
A massive team effort from Kane and Ken once again with a haul of 19 fish. And our best Solo fighter was Peter Kilkelly with 9 fish being weighed.
There is still the odd Coutta hanging around the waters with Kane bringing home one at 3.14kg.

Twenty Spotted Smooth Hounds were caught with the heaviest of 4.74kg going to Pete Hamilton who paired up with Simon Te Whaiti. Second Heaviest went to Ken with 4.66 kg. And third was 4.11 again going to Pete Hamilton.

JAMES PARAHISixty seven Kahawai were landed with the heaviest going to Kane at 2.74kg. Second going to Peter Kilkelly at 2.59kg and third again to Kane with one weighing 2.58kg. All of these are Pin Kahawai, one other pin kahawai I will mention is Kevin O’Connor’s of 2.51kg. Nice work boys!

The Snapper seem to be starting to play fair at times. 3 were caught this weekend. Kane catching two .99kg and .93kg. Peter Kilkelly weighing the third of .72kg.

Lastly and most impressively…. James Parahi rocked the scales with a 12.55kg Kingi followed by Jimmy Beazley’s 11.68kg Kingi. Both of which I understand were caught locally. Awesome work guys!! Nice to see these moochers cruising our shores.

We have two more twilight nights : Wednesday 27th January @ LeQuesne Rd, and Thursday 4th February @ Awatoto.
Club Meeting On Wednesday 3rd February @ Napier Fire Station. The Twilight prize giving the following Wednesday 10th Feb.

There are 2 surfcasting comps on over the next two weekends. Waikare on the 31st January and Whakamahi the following weekend 7th February.

Our Kahawai comp is the 14th Feb. Remember to get you tickets from your local sports shop. And if anyone has any prizes ready, they can be dropped to myself, or Johnny asap.

Pania Casting Day 21st February @ Hastings Polo Grounds.

Field Weekend 9 will be the 27th – 29th February and will be a Yoey’s Challenge weekend. Details to come.

We have a pretty busy month ahead of us fishing wise if you choose to do it all. If so good luck with it. Tight Lines and Happy Fishing…. See you at the Kahawai Comp.

Cheers Nikki

Field Weekend 8


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