Field Weekend 9

Well field weekend 9 had a confusing start for most with the yearly Yoey challenge long before the weekend started. Nevertheless there were 21 anglers who got out there and gave it their all, bringing home 53 fish in total. With Hamish Nichol and Kane Wrigglesworth bringing the best bag lots home. Sue Lawson was the best for the ladies this weekend awesome effort Sue. And Estella Carmichael had a catch that I don’t think has been seen at a weigh in before with a Grey Mullet weighing .92kg. More details on this to follow.

So of the 53 fish caught, 15 of these were Spotted Smooth Hounds, the heaviest of these (1st 2nd and 3rd) going to Kane, two of these being Pin fish 6kg, 5.05kg and 3.78kg.

20 Kahawai were weighed, again the heavies (1st 2nd and 3rd) going to Kane also these three being Pin fish two of which were over 3.2kg.

14 Snapper were landed and it was good to see some decent size fish being brought back too, of these Mark Ives had 1st and 2nd heaviest of 3.35kg and 2.79kg, followed by Hamish Nichol’s of 1.65kg.

Mark Ives brought home a Conger Eel weighing 2.95kg.

We also have Estella’s .92kg Grey Mullet.

Lastly, 4 trevally were brought to weigh in, and I must apologise for my blunder to Sue and Michelle, although their fish may have been the length required they unfortunately were not the minimum weigh requirement of 500g for weigh in, Sorry ladies. Which leaves us with two that were weighable and both of these going to Hamish Nichol, his heaviest and pin of 2.05kg and 2nd heaviest of .705kg.

So congratulations to all who caught fish this weekend and to Hamish and Kane for taking out the meal vouchers.

Only 3 more field weekends to go, they are, according to the calendar, FW10 Saturday march 12th and Sunday march 13th, FW11 Saturday march 26th and Sunday march 27th. The nationals are in between from Wed 20th – Sat 23rd April. Finally FW12 Saturday 14th May and Sunday 15th May.

Good luck to all at the next Field weekend, Tight lines and happy fishing

Cheers Nikki

Field Weekend 9 results

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