Final Results for 2017-2018 Season

Field weekend 11 sponsored by Rivers to Ranges was our final one for this year, 21 members fished. Thirty five Kahawai were weighed, the biggest being a 2.55kg fish caught by Dion.
Six Snapper were weighed, 1.31kg was the heaviest caught by Andy Gunn.
Fourteen Gurnard were weighed, the heaviest was 0.98 caught by Dion.
Six Moki were weighed, James Parahi got the largest one at 3.45kg.
Kane got a 7.9kg Kingfish. Two Redcod and a Barracouta were also weighed.

Field Weekend 11 Points 12-13 May18

Well done to all who caught fish this season, whether it be primarily for points or for the table. Overall the fishing has been better this year than previous years. More of the sought-after species such as Gurnard and Snapper were caught.

The latest points and species totals can be viewed at the links below. 

Big thanks to all of our sponsors for looking after us during the season.

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