Fish Together #1 Results

Nineteen members turned up on a very hot summer Sunday to try their luck at Lequesne rd. 
The fish however were not interested for the most part.
Ten fish were brought to the scales at 7.30pm. Seven of those being Kahawai.
The biggest Kahawai of 2.41kg went to Andy Gunn. 
The other three fish to grace the scales were Conger Eels with the largest being a 1.5 metre 6.96kg beast landed by Jummy Beazley.
No Snapper or Gurnard were caught. Many thanks to Hamills of Napier for the prizes.

Fish Together 1 14 Jan18.pdf

Next field weekend (20-21 January) is a challenge weekend. All standard FW rules apply but Smoothhounds and Kahawai are worth double points. 

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