Kahawai Comp 2018

The date for this years Kahawai Competition on Marine Parade Napier is Sunday 28th January 2018.

This website will be updated throughout the day with current leading fish weights. If your fish is obviously too small to get a prize you might want to let it go, good luck! 🙂

Position Weight (Kg) Position Weight (Kg)
1st   11th  
2nd   12th  
3rd   13th  
4th   14th  
5th   15th  

A few things to remember:
You require one ticket per rod or handline. ( If you  fish with two rods you need two tickets.)
No lines in the water before 8am. Marshal points will have red flags that will go up at 8am to signal fishing starts.
If you catch a weighable kahawai (30cm+) wave down one of the Marshals on quad bikes and he will tag your fish with your name, ticket number and time of capture.  He will then take your fish to the HQ for official weigh in.
Stop fishing at 2.30pm, if you are parked in the reserve area please pack up and move your vehicle ASAP to avoid being locked in.

Beach position number/ Name of club members

1 John Purser  Northern boundary
2 Sue Lawson
3 Roy Frost
4 Murry Choat
8 James Parahi
9 Mark Taylor
10 Mike Percey
11 Andy & Courtney Brooks
12 James Frings
13 Jamie Nichol
14 Mark Roberts
15 Andy Gunn
16 James & Ethan Benge
17 Gary & Sue Kemsley
18 Kane Wrigglesworth
19 Jimmy & Kaedyn Beazley
20 Gavin Brunskill
21 Duncan Torwick
22 Dion Jeffares
23 Tareq Assa’d
24 Andy and Courtney Brooks
25 Estella Carmichael
26 Kevin O’Conner Southern Boundary

CLUB MEMBERS: If your name is not on the list for beach marshals you may still be needed on the day as someone may pull out at the last minute. You all need to buy your tickets before the day if you wish to be in the contest. Your position is indicated on the maps to follow, these maps are a guide only and it is our intention to get a marshal every 200 metres apart so if you see that you are too close together then see if it is possible to move a part. For those who are marshalling north of the shingle works you may need to get there very early as this will be a popular spot. The flags, pens, tags and rules will be delivered to you by the quad bike riders If you have anquestions just ask Mark Ives or Trish Yeoman.

Big thanks to Napier Hunting & Fishing, Guns & Tackle and also Rothbury Insurance Brokers for sponsoring the main prize.