Kahawai Comp 2021

Well done to Junior Tangi on winning the top prize for this years Kahawai Competition.

Huge thanks to all of our event sponsors and club members.

Top 15 placings

Name Weight Position
Junior Tangi 1.765 1st
Mark Cockburn 1.670 2nd
Michael Kaka 1.640 3rd
Soli Petaia 1.615 4th
Mark Kapelli 1.525 5th
TeHemopo Kaiauria 1.385 6th
Jake Moanaaroa 1.345 7th
Nick Powis 1.135 8th
Lacey Hatter 1.095 9th
Nick Powis 0.895 10th
Jaden Witika 0.865 11th
Junior Tangi 0.835 12th
Thomas Wiki 0.740 13th
Bastian Kuesel 0.725 14th
Delfin Laguda 0.655 15th


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