Kahawai Comp 2018

Congratulations to our overall winner Mickie Tahu with a 2.225kg fish. He wins $1000 worth of product from Napier Hunting & Fishing and $1000 from Rothbury Insurance Brokers Napier.

Mickie Tahu is presented with first prize by Melissa Benge or Rothbury Insurance Brokers.

Position Weight (Kg) Position Weight (Kg)
1st 2.225 11th 1.540
2nd  2.110 12th 1.480
3rd  2.035 13th 1.180
4th 1.835 14th 1.160
5th 1.825 15th 1.000
6th 1.720    
7th 1.705    
8th 1.700    
9th 1.680    
10th 1.615    

This Years Prizes Table


A few things to remember:
You require one ticket per rod or handline. ( If you  fish with two rods you need two tickets.)
No lines in the water before 8am. Marshal points will have red flags that will go up at 8am to signal fishing starts.
If you catch a weighable kahawai (30cm+) wave down one of the Marshals on quad bikes and he will tag your fish with your name, ticket number and time of capture.  He will then take your fish to the HQ for official weigh in.
Stop fishing at 2.30pm, if you are parked in the reserve area please pack up and move your vehicle ASAP to avoid being locked in.

Big thanks to Napier Hunting & Fishing, Guns & Tackle and also Rothbury Insurance Brokers for sponsoring the main prize.