Kahawai comp 2021

Well done to Junior Tangi on winning the top prize for this years Kahawai Competition.

Huge thanks to all of our event sponsors and club members.

Top 15 placings

Name Weight Position
Junior Tangi 1.765 1st
Mark Cockburn 1.670 2nd
Michael Kaka 1.640 3rd
Soli Petaia 1.615 4th
Mark Kapelli 1.525 5th
TeHemopo Kaiauria 1.385 6th
Jake Moanaaroa 1.345 7th
Nick Powis 1.135 8th
Lacey Hatter 1.095 9th
Nick Powis 0.895 10th
Jaden Witika 0.865 11th
Junior Tangi 0.835 12th
Thomas Wiki 0.740 13th
Bastian Kuesel 0.725 14th
Delfin Laguda 0.655 15th

A few things to remember:
You require one ticket per rod or handline. ( If you fish with two rods you need two tickets.)
No lines in the water before 7am. Marshal points will have red flags that will go up at 7am to signal fishing starts.
If you catch a weighable kahawai (30cm+) wave down one of the Marshals on quad bikes and he will tag your fish with your name, ticket number and time of capture. He will then take your fish to the HQ for official weigh in.
Stop fishing at 2pm, if you are parked in the reserve area please pack up and move your vehicle ASAP to avoid being locked in.

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Instructions for Beach Marshals

1. Once you know where your Beach Marshal spot is, familiarize yourself with the area before the contest. Please try to get to your position as early as you can to claim your position. The bike riders will deliver the tags and flags etc to you before the start.
2. Warn any person fishing prior to 7.00am, that they will be disqualified if they don’t remove their line from the water, after 1st checking that they are in the contest (remember that this is a public beach).
3. Do not tag fish after 2.00pm, they will not be weighed.
4. Marshall’s can fish, but must pay the entry fee of $20.00 per rod. Get your tickets from a participating store prior to the contest, rather than buy one at the tent – saves time.
5. When a kahawai is presented to you, firstly determine that it is freshly caught and not one from the competitors freezer. Then you will need to measure the Kahawai, it needs to be a minimum of 30cm long before it can be tag. If someone catches any other species, they are theirs, don’t waste time sending them in with the bikes.
6. On the tag, write the following: Your position number only (circled), the competitor’s ticket number (found on entry form they bring to you). The competitor’s full name (not initails), the exact time it was tagged and the competitor’s phone number. Attach the tag through the mouth and gills of fish so it cannot fall off. Do not put tags on the tail! Cover with a wet sack or put in a chilli-bin
and deliver to a bike rider.
7. Do not flag down riders unless you have a fish to deliver, this hinders quick delivery to the weigh master.
8. Do not tag anything other than Kahawai.
9. Bike riders and headquarters staff are asked to wear club shirt if you have one, for identification purposes. Act courteously at all times, whatever the provocation.
10. After the contest, return all flags, tags, etc to the headquarters. You may offer to help with selling raffle tickets, packing up and cleaning to HQ site etc.
11. All Marshalls must remain at their spot until 2.00 pm this is a health and safety action plan requirement.

TIP: You can still get sunburnt on the beach at any time the year, you really need more than a good hat. Beach umbrellas or big tarpaulins are highly recommended.

Beach position number/ Name of club members
Northern boundary
1 Hamish Nichol
2 Neville Kirk
3 Jamie Wire
5 Andy Gun
6 Graham and Becky Woods
7 Jim Yeoman
8 Duncan Torwick
9 Ian Lopdell
10 Estella Carmichael and Tim McKenzie and Family
11 Jason Christensen
12 Matty Tabernacle
13 Dion Jeffars
14 Ivan Cross
15 Rex Manley
16 Kane Wriggesworth
17 Gary & Sue Kemsley
18 Sue Lawon , Denise Yukich and Des Hunt
19 Tareq Assa’d
20 Steven Gorst
21 George Fotu
22 Kevin O’ Conner
23 Nick Powis
24 Gavin Brunskill
25 Jimmy Beazley
26 Matty Climo Southern Boundary

If your name is not on the list for beach marshals you may still be needed on the day as someone may pull out at the last minute. You all need to buy your tickets before the day if you wish to be in the contest. Your position is indicated on the maps to follow, these maps are a guide only and it is our intention to get a marshal every 200 metres apart so if you see that you are too close together then see if it is possible to move a part. For those who are marshalling north of the shingle works you may need to get there very early as this will be a popular spot. The flags, pens, tags and rules will be
delivered to you by the quad bike riders. If you have any questions just ask Mark Ives 0278449180

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