Lemonfish weights

Hi everyone.
There seems to be some conjecture regarding my formula for calculating Trunked weight to Landed weight. I do this by taking the Trunked weight, dividing it by 2 and multiplying by 3.1. Interestingly enough, in discussion today with HB Seafoods, Tangaroa Seafoods and MAF, this is the formula used in the Fishing Industry except they have simplified it by multiplying the Trunked weight by 1.55 which gives the same result. All have confirmed that this formula is almost near to perfect and only will vary to some degree if a Female is in Pup. So just to clarify the new Pin weight.
5kg    100points
6kg    125points
7kg    150points
8kg    175points
Increasing by 25 points per/kg thereafter.
Both of these fishing Companies are adamant that the only way this formula will not work is if the fish are Trunked incorrectly.
You do have the option of bringing into weigh in the remains of your Lemon/SSH but they wil NOT be weighed whole.

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