Field Weekend Six

This weekend is our Hamills treble 300, weigh three different species and earn an additional 300 points, start fish time is 5am Saturday with weigh in at the fire station midday Sunday, normal boundaries apply.
Thanks to Mike & Ju at Hamills the prizes this weekend will be ;
Best snapper, Average Kahawai, heaviest Gurnard and the best bag ( you must have three different species to qualify ) don’t forget our new Jackpot fish a Kingfish of 85cm or greater and there may even be a lucky angler draw ??
good luck everybody

Tight lines
Pete K

Gun City + Fishing jackpot

A new year and a new jackpot, thanks to Chris from the fishing division of Gun City our jackpot fish is now a Kingfish of 85cm or greater, a fantastic result given the number of kingfish having been caught in the bay over the past couple of weeks.

After Jamie catching that impressive smoothound and taking home $300.00 the jackpot pool is now starting afresh with a $50.00 Gun City + Fishing shop voucher, good luck

Pete K

Weigh Master’s Report Field Weekend Five 5th & 6th December 2020

Field Weekend Five, generously sponsored by Rockgas HB was our annual Ham’s Weekend. 37 Angler’s fished in conditions that improved as the weekend progressed, with 80 fish crossing the scales.

The weekend proved to be one of standouts, with 10 pin fish being weighed, the Jackpot fish was caught and a new Trevally club record falling for the second time in a month.

The Jackpot went to new member Jamie Wire for his 7.31kg SSH. This was also a pin fish. The Club Record Trevally of 3.89kg was caught by James Benge, also a pin. Other pins went to Kane, with four pin Trevally and a pin Gurnard. Kevvy and Dion also scored pin Trevally. Karim rounded out the pin fish caught with a SSH. Awesome effort by all these guys.

Field Weekend Six is the first of the new year, kicking off on Saturday 16th January, normal times and boundaries apply.

Merry Christmas to all, stay safe and tight lines



New format for this season, scroll down this table to see links for other spreadsheets, points, species etc.

Rockgas HB Hams field weekend Five

Thanks to Rockgas Hawke’s Bay this weekend is our Xmas Hams weekend, everybody fishing from 6pm Friday through to 12pm (midday) Sunday will receive a prize, the Average Kahawai winner will win our top prize of a whole bees knees ham valued over $100, the first, second and third place getters for Snapper, Gurnard, and other will all win a half bees knees ham, should any of the above not be caught the default winning fish will be Kahawai, last year we paid out the top four heaviest Kahawai.
The spot prize is also a half ham.
There is an entry fee of $10 per rod and must be paid by 5pm Friday either by cash to Mel or by direct credit.
Normal boundaries apply and weigh in will be held at the fire station,  don’t forget the
Jackpot fish of a trunked smoothound of over 5kgs.
This is a massive prize pool for a field weekend which wouldn’t be possible without the support of Rockgas HB and Gun City + Fishing total value over $1000.00

Tight lines
Peter K

Gun City + Fishing jackpot

This weekends Gun City + Fishing jackpot has reached a new high, at $300.00 it has bettered Jimmy’s, (2018) Kane’s (2019) and Roy’s (2020) best of $250.00 each.
The heaviest trunked smoothound over 5kg will takeaway the Gun City + Fishing jackpot made up of cash & vouchers
I’m picking it’s going to jackpot again but prove me wrong, it got close last field weekend with Matty T 4.66kg and Kane 4.72kg going so so close.

Good Luck
Peter K

XMAS BBQ Postponed.

Due to the weather conditions we have decided to postpone our xmas BBQ today. Forecast is for showers this arvo and a cool south west change so Not wonderful bbq weather.
Reports are that is it already quite cool out that way. We will discuss an alternative solutions at the club meeting.

Thanks Mel.

Weigh Master’s Report Field Weekend Four 20th to 22nd November 2020

Field Weekend Four, kindly sponsored by Hunting & Fishing was another hard weekend due to a southerly coming through on the Thursday and Friday. 21 members fished with only 43 fish crossing the scales.

Pleasingly, 26 Gurnard were weighed, but all other species were hard to come by. Pin fish were caught by George with a 1kg Gurnard, Jason C with a solid Blue Moki of 3.43kg and, awesome to see Junior member John Fotu weighing his first pin fish, a Trevally weighing 1.78kg – nice effort John!

Prizes went to, Karim for the heaviest Snapper, Dion with average weight Kahawai, George for the heaviest Gurnard, Jason C for the heaviest ‘Other’ and John taking out the Junior prize for his Trevally.

Once again, the Jackpot fish, a SSH over 5kg alluded everyone with Kane getting painfully close with his SSH of 4.72kg.

Field Weekend Five is our Ham’s Weekend, kicking off on Friday 4th December at 6pm. Entry of $10 per rod needs to be paid to Mel prior to start time.

As always, get out and support our generous sponsors.

Tight lines

New format for this season, scroll down this table to see links for other spreadsheets, points, species etc.

Casting Results

Casting results from September and November , our third casting day will be held on the 2nd of May, the members best single casting result from any one of the three events will go towards the casting competition, and will be included in the fishing points table.

Peter K

Hunting & Fishing field weekend Four

A big shout out to Hunting & Fishing Napier who continue to support Pania Surfcasting Club  through there generous sponsorship, this weekend is the first of our Hunting & Fishing early bird field weekends, normal boundaries apply, start fish time is 6pm Friday with weigh in at the fire station 12pm (midday Sunday).
Prizes will be for:
Heaviest Snapper, Average Kahawai, Best other and Heaviest Gurnard, also prizes for best Junior and our lucky angler draw, with the inclusion of the Jackpot fish of a 5kg or greater trunked smoothound we have a total prize pack of over $500.00.

Good luck & tight lines

Peter K

Gun City + Fishing jackpot

This coming weekend is our forth field weekend and the Gun City + Fishing jackpot still hasn’t been struck, so the heaviest trunked smoothhound weighing over 5kg will take home $250 in cash and Gun City vouchers, the lift in swell on Thursday will stir things up and we could see perfect conditions for the elusive lemons.

Good luck
Peter K