NZACA / Okuma Nationals

NZACA / Okuma Nationals 13th – 16th March 2013 in Gisborne.
Boundaries: Northern bank of the Wairoa river mouth to Opotiki.
Individual Competitor $80. This covers fishing Thursday/Friday, Casting Wednesday/ Saturday and the Meal at prizegiving.
Juniors and Midgets $25pp. Meal only $35.00
Shore Species, Max Bag, Min. size and points:

  • Gurnard  5,       33cm   15p
  • Kahawai 3,       45cm    5p
  • Kingfish  1,       85cm    7p
  • Snapper 5,       35cm     8p
  • Terakihi  2,       32cm    15p
  • Trevalli 2,         40cm     8p
  • John Dory 1,    35cm    15p
  • Blue Moki 1,    45cm     7p
Booklets will be available to all Competitors next week. If you have not already entered contact Yoey.

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