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AGM updates

Thirty club members attended the AGM. Below are some updates from the meeting.

The existing club executive were re-elected in their present positions.

Prize giving dinner will be August 9th at the Napier RSA. The club will pay for the meal for all paid-up members attending. Please contact the secretary if you are attending as we need a list of numbers.

Subs are now due.
$40 first adult in family $20 second adult, $15 child (up to 17 years)
(We will be enabling internet banking payment via this website – check back soon for details)

We need all trophies returned ASAP if you cannot deliver them Mark Ives can pick them up. 

Brass Monkey Comp Dates:
#1 Sunday 13th July
#2 Sunday 27th July
#3 Sunday 17th August.

For  our Brass Monkey we meet at the Fire Station before 8.30am at which time Yoey will decide on a beach to fish at. We fish from the time you arrive at the decided beach until 2pm. Weigh in will be at 2.30 in a designated area close to our fishing zone. $2.00 per person with the person with the “Heaviest Fish” taking the pot. There are three events. These being the “Singles” which is self explainitory, the Doubles, where we draw your partner prior to fishing and the Triples, where we draw your partners after the fishing.

Twilight Comps – will be held on Wednesday nights, no dates set yet.


Field Weekend #12

Twenty three members fished final field weekend of the 2013-14 season, 16 managed to bring fish

Photo by Mark Roberts

Yoey – Photo by Mark Roberts

to the weigh-in.
The weather for once, was reasonable and seas were much calmer than the past few events.
Sixty fish in total were weighed in.
33 kahawai
7 Lemonfish
6 Gurnard
5 Redcod
4 Snapper
4 Barracouta
1 Trevally.
Heaviest Snapper went to James Benge with a fish of 1.020kg
Heaviest Gurnard was a 0.725kg fish caught by Kevin O’Connor.
Heaviest Lemonfish was 7.575kg from Kane Wrigglesworth.

Redcod - Photo: Mark Roberts

Redcod – Photo: Mark Roberts

Fieldweekend 12 fish and weights.pdf



Field Weekend #10

Conditions in Napier were very rough.

Conditions in Napier were very rough.

Once again the weather provided dismal conditions for our field weekend. Even so, fourteen members braved the swells and rain and caught a total of 23 fish.
Overall there were 14 Kahawai, 4 Smoothhounds, 3 Snapper, 1 Barracuda and 1 Trevally weighed in.

Those who travelled to Whakaki found less swell and better fishing than local anglers, with the 3 snapper coming from that end of HB.

peterPeter Kilkelly caught the best bag of fish with 3 Kahawai, 2 Lemons, 1 Snapper and 1 Trevally.

Field weekend 10.pdf

Updated point table for the 2013-14 season can be seen here:




Field Weekend #9

The challenge for field weekend #9 was to be to catch species with names at the beginning of the alphabet.

Large swells at Gill rd Napier

Large swells at Gill rd Napier

You had to weigh in a Kahawai of 1.4kg or better to be eligible to weigh any other species.
The value of any other species you caught would be determined by the first letter of their name.
A = most points
Z = least points

The biggest challenge however turned out to be the weather.
Big swells and rain meant dirty water and a predictable lack of fish.
Approximately 20 people fished in the trying conditions and 4 managed to bring fish to the weigh in.

Andy Gunn with 3 weighable Kahawai

Andy Gunn with 3 weighable Kahawai

A total of 9 Kahawai were weighed with the highest points tally being won by Andy Gunn  with 3 Kahawai from Aropaoanui.
No other species were weighed.

The next Field Weekend is 5th/6th of April.

Good luck to all club members heading to the NZACA Nationals next week 🙂




Field Weekend #8

The weather gods again did their best to deny us this weekend, but even so 22 members turned out to fish in the large swells.
Twelve fish were weighed in. Six Lemons, 3 Kahawai, 2 Snapper and 1 Conger eel.
Heaviest fish was a 5.660 Lemon (trunked) caught by Kane Wrigglesworth.
Heaviest Snapper was 1.620 caught by James Parahi.

Kane Wrigglesworth SSH 5.660  
MarkTaylor Conger Eel 5.360  
Kane Wrigglesworth SSH 2.750  
Peter Kilkelly SSH 2.715  
Andy Gunn SSH 2.710  
Andy Gunn SSH 2.435  
Mark Ives Kahawai 2.315  
Andy Gunn SSH 1.940  
James Parahi Snapper 1.620  
Pete Hamilton Kahawai 1.600  
Mark Ives kahawai 1.585  
Andy Gunn Snapper 0.775  

Kahawai Competition Results (live)

Welcome to the Pania Surfcasting Club, Kahawai Competiion 2014.

Throughout the day today we will update this page with current heaviest fish weights. This info will also be posted on our Facebook Page.

Top 20 Fish Weights

1st – 2.230 kg 6th – 1.870 kg 11th – 1.610 kg 16th – 0.835 kg
2nd – 2.130 kg 7th – 1.765 kg 12th – 1.315 kg 17th – 0.720 kg
3rd – 2.030 kg 8th – 1.755 kg 13th – 0.920 kg 18th – 0.710 kg
4th – 1.980 kg 9th – 1.725 kg 14th – 0.900 kg 19th – 0.700 kg
5th – 1.945 kg 10th – 1.720 kg 15th – 0.840 kg 20th – 0.655 kg