Brass Monkey One Results

With the call to bring the first Brass Monday fish together forward a day, the sea conditions were looking promising, a little drizzly during the day but all in all very fishable.
One member in particular made the most of the conditions, George cleaned up the sweepstake and first prize with two fish crossing the scales one being a impressive snapper of 7.02kgs, awesome result and a great start to the three Brass monkey fish togethers.
Our next club activity is the AGM, 7.30pm on Wednesday the 7th of July, also please contact Mark Ives if you still need to return trophy’s.

Pete K

Brass Monkey one

Given the current weather forecast for Sunday (absolute crap) we will be holding our first brass monkey fish together on SATURDAY the 19th this Saturday, meet at the toilets on Le Quesne road no later than 8am, we will fish Le Quesne road and have the weigh in back at the toilets at 2.30 pm.
For senior fishos a two dollar entry fee will be payable before we start fishing, junior members have the option to partake or not in the sweepstake.
The sweepstake will be paid to the highest points winner on the day, should points be equal the heaviest bag will win the sweepstake, I’m also working on a sponsor for the brass monkey series so there should also be prizes on the day.

Traditionally the first fish together would determine the singles title, this year the single Brass monkey title will go to the most successful fisher over the three brass monkey fish together events, (combined points over the three days).

Please bring any trophies you may have to the fish together, we need to collect them in preparation for this years prize giving.

Tight lines
Peter K

End of season Weighmasters report

Field weekend 12, kindly sponsored by Rivers to Ranges, was the last of the season and an ‘open boundary’ weekend.

Members spread out far and wide, from Wellington to Auckland, and everywhere in between to escape the big southerly swells that rolled into Hawke’s Bay. Most found fishing reasonably hard but as always, some standouts crossed the scales, none more so than Ivan’s huge pin Gurnard weighing 1.37kg. Other pin fish were weighed by Kane, Kahawai – 2.68kg and Gurnard – 1.08kg. Tim and Jason L both weighed pin Kahawai of 2.51kg and 2.52kg respectively. Well done guys!

Thanks again to Rivers to Rangers for their ongoing support. Prizes went to Ivan for his Gurnard, which also took out the jackpot. Jason L for heaviest Snapper. Tareq for average weight Kahawai. James B for heaviest ‘other’. Xavier B took out the junior prize.

As the 2020/21 season nears an end, I thought I would give you a run down on the last 12 field weekends.

The stats

  • 737 fish weighed
  • Average 61 fish per FW
  • 16 species
  • 267 Snapper
  • 215 Kahawai
  • 153 Gurnard
  • To date 52 pin fish weighed
  • Heaviest Snapper 11.13kg
  • Heaviest Kahawai 2.97kg
  • Heaviest Gurnard 1.37kg
  • Heaviest Kingfish 15.58kg
  • Heaviest SSH 7.31kg (trunked)
  • Heaviest Trevally 3.89kg (New club record!)

Another awesome, successful season. A huge thanks to our club captain Peter Kilkelly for the incredible work he does organising our season and securing amazing prizes for our field weekends! Shot Pete!
I hope all our members can get to the end of season prize giving (date to be confirmed) to celebrate each other’s successes.

Until then…tight lines.

Field Weekend 12 – end of season points

Video of final 2020-2021 weigh in by Mark Roberts can be seen here on Facebook

New format for this season, scroll down this table to see links for other spreadsheets, points, species etc.

Rivers to ranges field weekend twelve

Friday 5pm is start fish time for the Rivers to Ranges open field weekend number twelve, an open weekend means we can fish anywhere providing you are not late for our Sunday 2pm weigh in at the fire station, prizes this weekend will be for
Heaviest Snapper, Average Kahawai, best Gurnard and heaviest other, also a couple of spot prizes, and don’t forget we have a mystery jackpot fish must go prize.

Tight lines and good luck

Peter K

Gun City + Fishing Jackpot

Mystery is the description of our field weekend twelve Gun City jackpot fish, after Ian took out our last jackpot with a tidy 1.06 kg Gurnard, we will draw a new Gun City jackpot fish at the weigh in Sunday at 2pm, should the species drawn, not meet our target weight, we will continue to draw until the $50.00 jackpot has been won, potential fish are
Snapper of 2.5kgs, Gurnard .75kgs, kingfish 85cm, Kahawai 2.5kgs, Blue Moki 2.5kgs
Or a SSH 5.0kgs trunked.

Good luck
Peter K

Club Casting / BBQ

This Sunday is our third club casting day, location is the Kahuranaki flat on Kahuranaki road, accuracy will start at 9am followed by distance. Casting should finish around 1.00- 2pm at which time the club will put on a BBQ (late lunch).
Enclosed is the best individual results from the two casting days already held this season, this is your last opportunity to register a qualifying score to be eligible for the Champions of Champions trophy.

2021 Results so far

Field Weekend 12

With our field weekend twelve being an open weekend and clashing with the NZACA nationals, for the first time we will allow your catch from the nationals to be courtesy weighed and count towards club points and pins.
To qualify for the courtesy weigh you must comply with all the rules as set out by the NZACA nationals organising body.
Please contact Hamish or Pete after the Nationals if you wish to take up this courtesy weigh option.
Good luck to all those representing Pania at the nationals.

Peter K

Points after FW10

New format for this season, scroll down this table to see links for other spreadsheets, points, species etc.