Field Weekend #9 (Challenge Weekend)

Field weekend #9 was our challenge weekend for this season. The challenge was to catch a weighable fish between Whirinaki and Clifton before heading out of town to catch anything else. With the sea being very rough locally that challenge was more than many could manage.
Fourteen members fished the weekend and four of them weighed fish.
Kane Wrigglesworth got the best haul by first catching a couple of SSH at Gill road early on Saturday morning, then heading north to Whakaki to sort out some Snapper, Kahawai and more SSH.
Peter Kilkelly also went north and got a good haul of SSH and some Snapper as well.
Gary Kemsley stayed local and managed a Kahawai of 2.2kg and Mark Ives was the only other to fish locally and catch something, another Kahawai.

The next Field Weekend is #10 on March 18-19

Field Weekend #6

Field weekend 6 and our annual Hams Weekend, seen 28 anglers brave the seas and wind to catch 61 fish.

For new members or anyone interested in joining our club, our hams weekend is a good no on knows whos going to get what challenge. Members fish for Snapper for a Whole ham. Gurnard, Trevally, Kahawai, Smooth Hound and Other (heaviest of any other unnamed species) for Β½ Ham. The 2nd heaviest of these species gets a meat pack. One prize per angler only!!

The results for this weekend are……
41 Kahawai were caught this weekend with weights varying from 1.15kg to 2.73kgs. 
2 Barracuda were weighed with Mark Taylor having the heaviest @ 2.685kg. 
4 Red Cod were put over the scales with the heaviest going to Sue Lawson @ 2.37kg, 2nd heaviest, Gary Kemsley @ 1.23kg followed by Rex Manleys .865kg & .810kg.
8 Smooth Hounds were landed and weighed with the heaviest going to Andy Brooks @ 4.09kg followed by Kane Wrigglesworth @ 4.08kg and Andy again with 3.935kg.

Now for the Bays Rareties…. Kane Wrigglesworth got the only Gurnard weighed @ .68kg.
3 Trevallys were brought Home with the Heaviest going to Andy Brooks of1.465kg, Kane Wrigglesworth’s @ .59kg.
2 Snapper made it to the chilly bins with Andy Brooks once agin having the heaviest of 2.035kg.

The Hams Results are……
Heaviest Snapper – Kane Wrigglesworth .61kg (Whole Ham)
Heaviest Trevally – Dion Jeffares .73kg (1/2 Ham)
Heaviest Kahawai – Estella Carmichael 2.73kg (1/2 Ham)
Heaviest SSH – James Benge 2.485kg (1/2 Ham)
Heaviest Other – Barracuda- Ethan Benge 1.85kg (1/2 Ham)

As there was no eligible gurnard, this prize went to the 2nd Heaviest Kahawai – Hamish Nichol 2.31kg (1/2 Ham)

Meat Packs: as there were no 2nd place for other species apart from Kahawai, results as follows

2nd Heaviest Kahawai – James Parahi 2.3kg
3rd Heaviest Kahawai – Murray Choat 2.18kg
4th Heaviest Kahawai – Mark Ives 1.91kg
5th Heaviest Kahawai – Rex Manley 1.87kg
6th Heaviest Kahawai – Jimmy Beazley 1.825kg

**Hams results and the results of the weekend may differ, due to some members not entering the hams challenge.

For some Mid Season Info, here is who has the heaviest what so far……

Kahawai – Estella C 2.730kg
Snapper – Kane W 9.130kg
Gurnard – Duncan T 1.19kg
Rainbow Trout – Roy F 2.066kg
Brown Trout – Roy F 3.156kg
7 Gill – Andy B 7.860kg
Tope – Andy B 28.580kg
SSH – Kane W 5.150kg
Banded Wrasse – Kane W .590kg
Barracuda – Peter K 2.985kg
Blue Moki – Kane W 3.14kg
Hiwi Hiwi – Duncan T .630kg
Octopus – Mark Ives 2.860kg
Red Cod – Mark Ives 1.950kg
Trevally – Andy B 1.465kg

Field Weekend 7 will be the last one for the year…..17th & 18th December……
Good luck to all and see you then.

Cheers Nikki


Kahawai Competition info

The new poster for this year is printed – you can see it and download a copy on the event page 

Club members your marshalling position list is also here. You will see there are some empty spaces so if you can do so please contact Mark Ives. Marshals: Position Number & Name

We still need sponsored prizes and personal prizes brought in. Give them to Yoey, Trish, Mel or Chris.

Hams weekend

This weekend is FW6 our annual Hams weekend. Those who wish to be eligible to win hams or meat packs need to pay your $20 per member before Friday. You can pay cash direct to the club captain or do an internet banking deposit. 
If you chose the latter please include your name and what its for in the reference.

HBS Bank – Account Number  03 1355 0774659 00 


Target species and Hams for Heaviest Snapper, Whole Ham.

Gurnard, Kahawai, Trevally, SSH and heaviest other. Half Ham

2nd place meat Packs for the same except Heaviest Other.

$5 Sausage pack for other entrants.

Field Weekend #4

For FW4 20 members fished. A good number of Snapper were landed (11) the three biggest going to Kane with 9.130kg, Β 7.800kg and 3.630kg specimens. Peter and Hamish also landed snapper in weights from 0.8 to 2.97kg.
The Snapper were caught North of Wairoa.kane
Two Gurnard were weighed with the heaviest going to James Parahi with a .980kg fish.
Plenty of Kahawai were brought in along with some winter over-stayers, Red Cod and a couple of Trevally and Smoothhounds.
Well done to all who managed to weigh fish.