Presidents Report

Kia Ora members.

Although we were not always favoured with good fishing conditions this season, there were still good catches on certain week ends. It seemed that if the first day of a fishing weekend was great, weather wise, then often it turned bad on the second day. If we fished well in that period and hung in there we did well, if we did not fish well then it wasn’t so good as a couple of our short weigh ins suggested.

All in all we take the good with bad and there was still some good bags of fish caught. Our members who went to Tahaenui to compete for the Pania shield, fished well enough to bring the shield back again. Well done team.

We have our kahawai contest coming up on Sunday the 23 of October so be prepared to be asked to be beach marshals on that day.

Our A G M will be held on Tuesday the 19th and l will be standing down as President, of this great surf casting club.
So members please attend this meeting and think about who you would like to vote for as your executive and committee. If you have any remits they need to be sent to our secretary as soon as possible.

Congratulations to all our members who fished well enough win their different categories. Well done guys.
At this time l want to thank everyone who has been a part of this club since l have been the President for the great help and support that you have given me.

Kei te pai.

James Parahi.

AGM + June Unofficial Meeting Minutes


Please find the unofficial minutes from the meeting held on Tuesday night. We did not have enough members present to hold a normal club meeting, however Estella has put together the important information discussed.


Please note the AGM will be held Tuesday 19 July 2022 – 7.30pm at the Sports Fishing Club. There will be NO meeting on 5 July 2022.

Bar will be open from 7pm. It would be great to have as many members attend as possible, this is your chance to have your say / vote on any topics that come up.

If you have any remits, please have them to Estella 2 weeks before.

Any members of the Exec Team that plan to step down, can you please let Mel Benge know if you haven’t already.

It would be great to hear from the members what you want out of the meetings. In the last 12 months, we have had very low attendance with some meetings being cancelled due to not having enough members attending on the night.

It’s a great chance to get together socially and are keen to know what you want to do, hear, see during them. Happy for you to pass thoughts onto me before the AGM and we can discuss further there if time permits.

Pania Surfcasting Club Meeting Minutes June 2022


Field Weekend 12 kindly sponsored by Rivers to Ranges was an open-boundary weekend. With Bay of Plenty ruled out due to bad sea conditions most members who chose to travel headed for Te Araroa and Hicks Bay with some very nice fish coming from both beaches.
Solid bags of fish were weighed by several members with six people scoring more than 1000 points. The standout being Karim with an impressive 2280 points!

Of those that stayed local the standouts were Dion, Nikki and Lokan who scored really well getting on to some solid Moki from the Beacons, four of which were pins. Other pins for the weekend went to George and Jimmy B with a nice Gurnard each and Tareq with a beast Kingfish weighing 15.03kg!

Field weekend 12 prizes went to Karim, heaviest Snapper; George, heaviest Gurnard; Tareq heaviest ‘other’; Kevin, average weight Kahawai and Harlem the junior prize. Well done guys. Thanks again to Rivers to Ranges for their continuing support.

With the season coming to an end, I’ll give you the breakdown:

A total of 864 fish crossed the scales this season.

The top three species caught were:
367 Kahawai
306 Snapper
73 Gurnard

Over the 12 field weekends 55 pin fish were weighed with a further 11 pins weighed outside field weekends.

The top three pin species were:
22 Trevally
15 Kahawai
9 Blue Moki

Congratulations to all club members who fished this season and made it another successful one.

Lastly, a huge thank you to Peter K for his efforts in running our field weekends and securing awesome prizes from our sponsors. You’re a legend Pete!

Tight lines,

New format for this season, scroll down this table to see links for other spreadsheets, points, species etc.

Latest points table including casting

New format for this season, scroll down this table to see links for other spreadsheets, points, species etc.

Field Weekend 12

Our final field weekend for the 2021/2022 season kicks off 5pm Friday with the weigh in Sunday 2pm at the fire station, this is an open boundary weekend so fish anywhere in NZ (saltwater only).
Traditionally EBOP has been a popular fishing location, if you’re thinking of heading that way please respect the Rahul that is in place in the areas of Torere, and Maraetotara reserve Ohope down to the western side of the Waioeka river mouth including the Ohiwa harbour, so Hawai, Maranui east is open as is Ohope west
Thanks to Rivers and Ranges we have prizes for heaviest Snapper, Average Kahawai,
Best Gurnard, heaviest other and a number of lucky angler draws, well over $500.00 in must go prizes
Overall the Weather is looking better than average for this time of the year so enjoy your fishing and safe travels

Pete K

Casting Results

Results 3rd casting day for 2021 /22.  8/5/22                            

Accuracy                   Distance                    Total

Sue L                         6.20                          81.04                         87.24
Melissa B                  50.48                         73.72                        124.20
Estella C                   17.40                         58.52                         75.92
Xavier B                    78.42                         61.91                        140.33
Lochlan M                 65.88                         46.92                        112.80
Peter K                      68.52                         120.45                      188.97
Mark I                        82.32                         158.07                      240.39
Karim B                     48.80                         102.55                      151.35
Ivan C                       15.30                         111.60                      126.90
Ian L                          73.16                        108.76                      181.92
Grey K                       50.38                        110.61                      160.99
Sue K                        83.06                         77.71                       160.77
Dakoka K                  62.52                         27.40                        89.92
Harlem C                  41.16                         60.52                       101.66
Bruce                        56.52                        104.41                      160.93
Yoey                          52.04                        159.19                      211.23
Tim M                        71.20                        124.90                     196.10
Mark R                      103.36                      156.31                      256.67
Kane W                     50.96                        112.46                     163.42
George F                   73.24                       138.05                      211.29

Gun City and fishing jackpot

The trend continues , with the Gun City and fishing jackpot not struck last field weekend.

With this weekend being the last for the year it must go.

$150 Gun City and fishing voucher and a nice bottle of red is up for grabs for the heaviest trunked SSH over 5kg.

If this can’t be cracked then will randomly draw out other selected fish that must be a pin weight to take the prize.

If for some reason no other pin fish are caught it will default back to the heaviest trunked SSH for the weekend.

Almost that time to start rechecking weather and packing the car for a big adventure to round off the season. Looking forward to seeing some quality and variety on the scales come Sunday.

Once again a big thanks to Gun City &