Hams weekend

This weekend is FW6 our annual Hams weekend. Those who wish to be eligible to win hams or meat packs need to pay your $20 per member before Friday. You can pay cash direct to the club captain or do an internet banking deposit. 
If you chose the latter please include your name and what its for in the reference.

HBS Bank – Account Number  03 1355 0774659 00 


Target species and Hams for Heaviest Snapper, Whole Ham.

Gurnard, Kahawai, Trevally, SSH and heaviest other. Half Ham

2nd place meat Packs for the same except Heaviest Other.

$5 Sausage pack for other entrants.

Field Weekend #4

For FW4 20 members fished. A good number of Snapper were landed (11) the three biggest going to Kane with 9.130kg,  7.800kg and 3.630kg specimens. Peter and Hamish also landed snapper in weights from 0.8 to 2.97kg.
The Snapper were caught North of Wairoa.kane
Two Gurnard were weighed with the heaviest going to James Parahi with a .980kg fish.
Plenty of Kahawai were brought in along with some winter over-stayers, Red Cod and a couple of Trevally and Smoothhounds.
Well done to all who managed to weigh fish.

Field Weekend #3

Well field weekend 3 has been and gone and what a gorgeous weekend it was. Alas i didnt get out to fish but enjoyed the days just the same.
16 members got out and about over the weekend with 40 fish and a descent mixed bag of 7 species caught.
Tareq has been crowned our Red Cod king this weekend bringing home 4, with two being the heaviest and 2nd heaviest at 1.585kg and 1.555kg. Kane got the 3rd heaviest at 1.335kg.
5 Cricket Bats were caught …… Barracuda…. with Peter Kilkelly’s being .015gms off of a pin at 2.985kg. Kane got 2nd heaviest at 2.2kg and Mark Ives the 3rd batsman at 2.19kg. Rex Manley and Dion Jeffares finishing the team for the weekend with 2.12kg and 1.545kg cudas.
Kane landed the only Banded Wrasse at 0.59kg. With Peter Kilkelly getting the only SSH at 2.31kg.
23 Kahawai were weighed and again the heaviest only being slightly off a pin by 0.01kg. This was Kane’s at 2.49kg. Jamie Nichol’s was also just under by .025 being 2.475kg. Kane brought home the 3rd heaviest at 2.085kg.
The weekends Honourable mentions goes to Peter Kilkelly, not only for his Pin Tope at 11.26kg. But for his catch of the elusive bay Snapper at .82kg.
Its good to see that the waters are starting to warm up slightly to allow for the nice fish to return.
Duncan Torwick has caught a couple of good 1kg Gurnard over the past couple of months, here’s hoping the numbers increase 😊
A reminder to all that Postal Casting will be on SUNDAY 30th October @ Hastings Polo Grounds, entry to grounds off BENNETT ROAD as they have fenced off the grounds along Elwood Road, 9am start.
Field Weekend 4 will be the 5th and 6th of November, with our twilight fish’s starting on the Wednesday 9th Nov at Awatoto, $2 pp 6-9pm

Have a Safe and Happy Long well deserved weekend. Tight lines and Happy fishing to all who get out for a flick.


Field Weekend #2

Well a pretty crappy week weather wise leading into field weekend 2, nevertheless there were a few brave souls who went out and gave it their all.
There were 14 anglers who fought the weed and muddy waters to bring home 14 fish.
pa022628Kane Wrigglesworth got the only three SSH weighing in at, 2.31kg, 2.515kg and 2.64kg.
Duncan Torwick got 3rd heaviest Kahawai @ 1.53kg, Mark Taylor 2nd @ 1.695kg and New Member Andy Brooks bringing home the Heaviest at 1.98kg.
Mark Taylor got the only Red Cod, 1.125kg and Rex Manley having the Only two Barracuda, 1.64kg and 1.75kg.
New Member Andy Brooks showed us how it was done this weekend, landing an impressive 2.76kg Blue Moki.
7.86kg 7 Gill Shark and 21.73kg Tope. His best for the weekend was a Two Records Tope of 28.58kg. Massive size fish and awesome effort with very little sleep.

Huge congrats to Andy and well done to all those who went out and about and to those who put something over the scales. The next Field Weekend will be 15th & 16th October. Hope to see better weather, nicer seas and more of you then.

Tight Lines & Happy Fishing


Field Weekend #1

Welcome all to the start of the 2016/2017 season. A huge congratulations to all our champs from the 2015/2016 Season, and to all those who got certificates and trophies for various other achievements. Well done.
It was a mediocre start to the season sea, weather and fish wise. 17 fishos got out and about  this weekend landing a total of 19 fish.
Our best for the weekend go to Duncan with 5 kahawai. Landing the 2nd and 3rd heaviest of 1.975kg and 1.97kg. Also the heaviest barracuda of 1.975kg.
And Estella Carmichael bringing home 5 Kahawai, having the heaviest of 2.17kg. Great start to the season Estella, well done.
Gavin Brunskill and Gary Kemsley weighed in the 2nd and 3rd heaviest Cudas at 1.76kg and 1.445kg.
Four SSH were weighed with the heaviest going to Kane Wrigglesworth of 2.66kg also getting 2nd heaviest at 2.64kg while Gary Kemsley and Hamish Nichol landed 3rd and 4th of 2.4kg and 2.39kg.
Peter Kilkelly got the 11th and  final Kahawai weighed and a Pin Tope of 17.55kg. Nice work Pete.

Congrats to all who got out amongst it this weekend and to all those who managed to hook a few. Good Luck for Field Weekend 2. Until then stay safe and happy fishing.
Cheers Nikki

p9181050p9181054p9181055p9181060p9181066 Photos: Mark Roberts


Last Seasons Prize Winners List

2014-2015 Prize Winners

1st- Kane Wrigglesworth (9) – Kahawai, Baracotta, Gurnard, SSH, Red Cod, Octopus, Snapper,
Blue Moki, Hiwi Hiwi.
2nd- Hamish Nichol (7) – Kahawai, SSH, Red Cod, Snapper, Blue Moki, Kingfish, Trevally.
3rd=- Chris Morris (5) – Kahawai, Baracoutta, SSH, Red Cod, Snapper
3rd=- Mark Ives (5) – Kahawai, Baracotta, SSH, Blue Moki, Eel
3rd=- Mark Taylor (5) – Kahawai, Baracoutta, Red Cod, Jack Mackerel, Kingfish.


1st 2nd 3rd Kane Wrigglesworth 1.080, 0.995, 0.860

1st 2nd 3rd Kane Wrigglesworth 3.26, 3.23, 3.115

1st – Duncan Torwick 10.025
2nd- Mark Roberts 7.757
3rd- Mark Ives 3.350

1st 2nd 3rd 4th Kane Wrigglesworth 6.00, 6.00, 5.05, 4.66

1st- Hamish Nichol 2.050
2nd- Peter Kilkelly 1.63
3rd- Alan Park

1st- Steven Field 2.54
2nd- Mark Ives 2.50
3rd- Kane Wrigglesworth 2.49.

Overall Points
1st- Kane Wrigglesworth 5375
2nd- Hamish Nichol 4130
3rd- Jimmy Beazley 3320

Golden Oldies
1st- Mark Taylor 1690
2nd- John Purser 495
3rd- Alan Park 180

1st- Peter Kilkelly 2200
2nd- James Parahi 1330
3rd- Kevin O’Connor 770

1st- Steven Field 775
2nd- Roy Frost 425

New Member
1st- Estella Carmichael 1070
2nd- Tareq Asa’ad

1st- Nikki Middleton 1490
2nd- Estella Carmichael 1070
3rd- Sue Lawson 920

1st- Christian Hurring 210
2nd- Alex Hurring 30