Fish Together 3

Jim Yeoman weighs two nice Kahawai

Sunday was the last of our Hamills Napier twilight fish togethers fifteen members fished from Gill road through to Le Quesene road, it was tough going with only six fish weighed although a large number of smaller fish were caught. Yoey scored the ave Kahawai prize with a fish of (1.77 kg) average for the day was an impressive (1.96 kg) Gary K took out the other with a smoothound of (2.59 kg). Just for wetting a line was won by Xavier M.
The other members who weighed fish were Sue K and Tim M well done it wasn’t easy.
Once again thanks to Hamills for supporting the three twilight fish togethers.

Peter K

Fish Together 11 Mar 2018 Full Points.pdf

Pania Shield / FW8 Results

Field weekend eight combined with the Pania Shield challenge was held within the boundaries of Blacks beach in the north through to whakamahi in the south, thirteen members fished the weekend with some great results, seventy one fish crossed the scales, 42 Snapper, 20 Kahawai, 6 smoothounds and 3 gurnard. One pin fish was landed, a Kahawai of 2.53kg, caught by Kane, he also took home the average Kahawai prize( 1.61 kg) Best Gurnard was once again taken out by Andy Gunn, (.64 kg) Hamish secured the other category with a Smoothound ( 2.70 kg). And Peter K rounded off the prize table with the heaviest Snapper (1.77 kg).

Field Weekend 8 3-4Mar 18 Full Table

The Pania Shield was contested between the Gisborne, Wairoa and Pania clubs, a total of 32 people represented the three clubs, fishing commenced at 3pm Saturday and concluded at the weigh in time of 11.30 Sunday. The results were:
A total catch bag of 33.84 kgs divided by nine fishing members = 3.76 kgs pp
A total bag of 20.07 kgs with ten members fishing = 2.07 kgs pp
A total bag of 87.43 kgs divided by thirteen members fishing = 6.72 kgs pp

Well done to Pania in winning back the shield, a great effort by all those who participated, special thanks to Gisborne who are in the process of rebuilding their club, and to Wairoa for sharing their beaches.

Pania Shield – changes due to weather

Hi guys
After lengthy discussions with the Gisborne and Wairoa clubs due to the weather forecast we have changed the fishing boundaries from blacks beach in the north through to Whakamahi in the south.
North east winds with a easterly swell would indicate better fishing from the northern beaches, there will no longer be a briefing, fishing starts at 3pm Saturday and the weigh in will be held at the Whakaki car park at 11.30 Sunday morning, Wairoa and Gisborne if they wish may have a collective weigh in that is a representative to weigh another members catches, provided those members have been registered.
For the Wairoa and Gisborne clubs Pania Surfcasting have the following fishing rules
A maximum of three SSH or lemon fish trunked to 650mm if you catch a one meter fish you will be able to truck to 650mm.
Five Kahawai at a minimum size of 450mm
And Snapper to be a minimum of 300mm normal limits apply all other species as per legal criteria.

Pania field weekend #8:
Best Snapper prize package in access of $100
Average Kahawai prize pack of $90
Gurnard and other $50.00 each
Jackpot for gurnard is now up to $150
Total prizes in access of $440.00

Good luck and tight lines

Peter K

Pania Shield + FW8

March 3rd and 4th is our field weekend #8 combined with the Pania Shield competition.
It is to be held at Mohaka and the boundaries will be 200m south of the mouth to the first creek past the cliffs at the end of the track.
There will be a briefing at 2,30pm Saturday at the main car-park just below the access road. Fishing to commence from 3.00 onwards.
Weigh-in will be at the same carpark 11.30 Sunday.

Good luck everyone


Field Weekend #7 Weighmaster Report

Our thanks to this weekends sponsor Thirsty liquor / Black Bull in what was supposed to be a normal field weekend with a twist turned out to be a little harder than most thought with only seven members managing to catch an average Kahawai (1.677kg) or better which then allowed any other fish to be weighed.
26 Kahawai crossed the scales, one a pin fish caught by Andy Brooks, the average prize went to Mark Ives.
Those who headed north came home with 45 snapper, the biggest went to Peter K, the “other” category was taken out by Dion Jeffries with a Trevally
Rounding out the weighable fish were 2 lemons a Barracuda and another pin fish (Tope) landed by Andy Brooks.
In total there were 75 fish caught by 7 anglers and 4 of them caught their limit of Snapper

Points – Field Weekend 7 17-18Feb 18.pdf



Field weekend 5 was sponsored by Caftys Rods and Guns and was a challenge weekend with all Kahawai and Spotted Smooth hounds earning double points.

21 members fished with 87 fish crossing the scales. 38 kahawai, a healthy 32 snapper, 10 SSH, 2 blue moki, 2 barracuda and one each of gurnard, trevally and kingfish.

Impressively 6 members weighed pin fish. Gary K, SSH (5.84kg). Neville K, kahawai (2.94kg). Kane, kahawai (2.56kg). Andy B, blue moki (3.10kg), Roy landed an impressive kingfish (9.1kg gutted) and equally impressive was Andy G big gurnard weighing (1.24kg). Well done guys!

Standout bags of fish came from Kane with 17. Dion with 11 and Andy B with 10. Top effort!

Thanks again to Crafty’s for their generous sponsorship.

Field Weekend 5 20-21 Jan18.pdf


Field Weekend 6
was sponsored by Hunting and Fishing and was the first of our early start weekends.

Unfortunately, the good weather that preceded the weekend ended a few hours after fishing started with a nasty south-east change making conditions challenging for the rest of the weekend.

11 members attended the weigh in with 34 fish weighed. 14 kahawai, 11 snapper, 8 SSH, and 1 gurnard. No pin fish were weighed.

The absolute standout for the weekend was Andy B who managed 9 very nice snapper at Awatoto before the weather turned. The biggest of which was just over 2kg. Awesome effort Andy!

Congratulations to those who took out some very nice prizes and thanks again to Hunting and Fishing for your continued sponsorship. It is very much appreciated.

Field Weekend 6 3-4 Feb18.pdf

Half way through the season and the catch numbers are looking good! So far members have weighed: 270 kahawai, 106 snapper, 39 SSH, 17 barracuda, 13 gurnard, 13 red cod, 11 trevally, 3 kingfish, 3 blue moki, 1 red moki, 1 seven gill shark and 1 hammerhead shark. Well done team!

Keep up the good work,


FW6 Earlybird Field Weekend

Firstly a big thank you to all who helped with the Kahawai comp, especially the Organising committee of Mel,Trish,Chris and I think Yoey was roped in again, great effort, with a great result.

This weekend is the first of our two Hunting and Fishing sponsored early bird fishing opportunities, that means we can start fishing from 6pm Friday until our normal weigh in time of midday Sunday, normal fishing boundaries apply. With the low that was tropical cyclone Fehi moving down the west coast we should get a window to fish Friday night Saturday morning, not looking flash after that but it’s the weather anything can happen !

There’s still a good showing of snapper, three were caught in the Kahawai comp along with a decent kingfish (Xavier Benge) lemon fish and a few small trev’s and that’s local so tight lines see you on Sunday.

Peter K

Craftys Challenge Weekend – FW 5

This weekend is field weekend #5. It is a challenge weekend sponsored by Craftys.
Over $350 worth of prizes, normal boundaries and start/finish times apply.

The challenge is to get your club limit of Kahawai and Lemons as they are both worth double points this weekend.

The weather forecast is favourable so good luck and see you at the weigh-in on Sunday.