Coming events

Wednesday September 4th – Club meeting @ the fire station clubrooms 730pm

Sat/Sun September 14/15 – Field Weekend #1

November 3rd 2013 – Postal Casting.

February 16th 2014 – Pania SCC Kahawai Competition


Brass Monkey #3

Brass monkey number three was held at Awatoto in calm but dirty sea conditions. Random sprinkles of rain throughout the morning interrupted an otherwise fine day.
Eighteen club members turned out to wet a line and this resulted in 29 Kahawai and 2 Barracouta being weighed in.

Heaviest fish overall was a 2.47kg Barracouta caught by Duncan Torwick and heaviest Kahawai was 2.24kg caught by Simon Tewhaiti Jr.

Pania SCC Prizegiving

Great night at the Pania SCC Prizegiving.
Well done to Kane for being Top Angler, Sue lawson for being Top Lady after umpteen years trying and also for her NZ Record 7gill shark weighing in at 52kg. Gutsy lady. And to all those others that won Trophies.
Most of all many thanks to those who took part in our season. May you all enjoy 2013/14



Brass Monkey #2

It was true brass monkey weather this time, wet and miserable.
Even so, 13 hardy souls turned up to brave the elements.  We fished at Napier’s Westshore as it was the location with the least amount of swell.

Only one weighable fish was caught, a 2.075 Kg Kahawai by Mark Ives.  One Lemonfish of about 75cm (and therefore too small to weigh) was caught and that was it.

Well done to all those who turned up to give it a go.

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Important issues that affect all recreational fishermen.

A commercial net full of undersize Snapper

A commercial net full of undersize Snapper

If we don’t do something about it, snapper limits in Bay of Plenty, Auckland and eastern Northland (Snapper 1 fishery) will be reduced to three per person per day by October this year.

To tell the government we don’t agree with this plan, please, please send your submissions to Inshore Fisheries Management, Ministry for Primary Industries, PO Box 2526, Wellington 6011 or email to [email protected] by 4pm on Friday, August 23.

NZ Fishing World is in the process of organising a public meeting, in conjunction with other fishing media, so that you can air your views. Nathan Guy MP is the minister for primary industries. He’ll make the call.

We’ve invited him to a meeting but his office has, so far, not given us a reply to our invitation. Please post and share this. Together we can stop this ridiculous proposal from becoming law.

You can also help by supporting Legasea

Brass Monkey Report

The first Brass Monkey comp for this season was well attended with 25 people fishing including 5 women and 2 juniors. LeQuesne Road was the beach chosen and conditions were calm and sunny.
Starting at about 8.30am and finishing just after 2pm, a total of 25 fish were weighed in. These consisted of 17 Kahawai and 8 Barracuda. A couple of Sole were caught as well but not weighed.
The heaviest fish sweepstake was won by Kevin O’Connor with a 2kg Barracuda.

Yoey lands a Kahawaifishingyoeykids


At the NZACA Executive meeting 6th July, the “Proposal” was adopted in principle. A Sub Committee has been charged with going through all received documents and concerns. They are to submit a final document re the 2014 Nationals to the full Executive by the 25th July.

The NZACA also has a new Facebook page. NZ Angling and Casting News & Chat. All Members are welcome to join and participate.