Lemonfish weights

Hi everyone.
There seems to be some conjecture regarding my formula for calculating Trunked weight to Landed weight. I do this by taking the Trunked weight, dividing it by 2 and multiplying by 3.1. Interestingly enough, in discussion today with HB Seafoods, Tangaroa Seafoods and MAF, this is the formula used in the Fishing Industry except they have simplified it by multiplying the Trunked weight by 1.55 which gives the same result. All have confirmed that this formula is almost near to perfect and only will vary to some degree if a Female is in Pup. So just to clarify the new Pin weight.
5kg    100points
6kg    125points
7kg    150points
8kg    175points
Increasing by 25 points per/kg thereafter.
Both of these fishing Companies are adamant that the only way this formula will not work is if the fish are Trunked incorrectly.
You do have the option of bringing into weigh in the remains of your Lemon/SSH but they wil NOT be weighed whole.

Twilight fish #4

IMG_7347Nine hardy (insane) members attempted to fish at Awatoto tonight. The sea was dirty but not excessively rough. Steady rain made things uncomfortable, but the drifting weed made fishing all but impossible.
You know when you cant wind in your line because of the blobs of thin hair-like weed jamming in the guides, its time to call it a day.

No fish were caught.

Field Weekend #4 (Hams Weekend)

I good turnout of members entered the competition chasing Hams and meat packs.
Most headed north of Napier trying to find clean water. Alas clean water was all some found.
James Benge and Kane Wrigglesworth were the two stand out anglers each with a good collection of species including Tope sharks, Smooth hound, Snapper, and Kahawai.

Luckily for the rest of us, only one prize could be won per person, so even those who didn’t fair that well at the weigh in still managed to win meat packs etc.

Well done those who did manage to win hams, your efforts, skill and knowledge paid off.

Weigh in list – species and weights


Twilight fish #1

Nine members braved the cold blustery conditions at Awatoto tonight. The swell was quite large and the water somewhat murky. Nobody caught a weighable fish. The next Twilight fish is Wednesday the 20th November in the same place.

Field Weekend # 3 Results

Field weekend #3 was tough going for most participants. Southerly winds combined with an Easterly swell made things pretty uncomfortable on the beach for most. It also seems to have put the fish off as well.
Thirty three members fished, but only 9 successful members weighed fish. There were 19 fish weighed.
James Benge caught the heaviest fish, a 7.8kg Tope shark as well as 4 snapper to 1.06kg, and two Lemons to 2.9kg.
There were 9 Kahawai weighed in, along with a Conger eel of 2.1kg and a Redcod of 0.98kg

Well done to all who gave it a shot.

Who caught what.pdf


Field Weekend #2

Field weekend # 2 was attended by a great turnout of 30 members, who landed a total of 30 fish.
Not that everyone landed a fish, far from it. Fishing was very tough for most people and 17 of us failed to catch any weighable fish.
Of the 30 fish weighed there were 21 Kahawai, with the heaviest being 2.495kg caught by James Benge.
James also caught two Snapper, one Gurnard, one Smooth-hound and 13.425kg Tope Shark.
Other species caught were a Blue Moki of 1.37kg by Kane Wrigglesworth, a Barracuda by Gavin Blunskil and a Red Cod by Ryan Bond.

Who caught what -> Field weekend 2 catch list

Field Weekend #1

Jimmy B with his 13.4kg Snapper.

Jimmy B with his 13.4kg Snapper. Photo: Mark Roberts

A brilliant turnout of club members started the season of with a bang for the first field weekend of 2013.
Seventy fish in total were presented to the weigh-master, the star of the show was a huge 13.485 Kg Snapper caught by Jimmy Beazley.

Species Caught:
46 Kahawai
10 Baracouta
6 Spotted Smooth Hound
3 Banded Wrasse
1 Snapper
1 Gurnard
1 Moki
1 Conger Eel
1 Redcod

Who caught what.. (.pdf)