Field Weekend # 12

The turnout wasn’t flash for our final Field weekend but ok considering the weather forecast. 15 fisho’s braved the rain overnight and bought in 20 fish. One being a new Club record Red Cod of 2.715kg. Also Duncan weighed in a nice SSH weighing in at 11.94kg. There were 9 Kahawai, 3 Blue Moki, 4 Red Cod, 2 Barracoutta and 2 SSH weighed in.

Simon won the Hamills voucher for his fish, Sue Kemsley won the FCO voucher for the ladies heaviest Fish and Jimmy Beasley won the Crafty’s voucher for the Heaviest kahawai.

As the Club captain, I would personally like to take this opportunity to thank our Sponsors for this 2012/2013 Season. Hamill’s, FCO and Crafties from Hastings, Hunting and Fishing and Action Outdoors from Napier. I would also like to take the time to especially thank each and everyone who took time to turn out for our Field weekends, the Pania Shield, the Hams Comp, Mates weekend and my “Yoey” Challenges. It has been a very good season with some very memorable fish caught and weighed. James Benges 13kg Snapper and Sue lawsons 54kg Seven Giller come to mind and I better not forget Simons Red Cod.

I guess my only disappointment has been the new members who haven’t become more involved. On saying that though you all know my opinion on this, you only get out of anything what you are prepared to put in. If you don’t turn up we sure as hell aren’t going to nusemaid you. If you do we will make sure you a well looked after. The opportunity is there for you all. There is a rumour that GK might be shouting at this years Prize Giving. This is because of the amount of “Veritas” rods purchased by Club members. Only a rumour remember.

Once again thanks everyone for your efforts this season, we have a great club. Bring on the Brass Monkey.

Field Weekend 11

The Red Cod proved a little elusive over the last two days of fishing “The Yoey Challenge number 3”. Although a good number of keen fisho’s went hard, only two of them managed to catch the required two.
Jimmy Beasley won the $50.00 Breakers meal voucher with two nice cod well over the kilo mark along with two nice Kahawai.
Gary Kemsley proved he knows the Red Cod spot and weighed in two to take out the $20.00 Breakers meal voucher.
Although Dunkey couldn’t get points for his awesome lemon of 14.07kg it was good to see it on the scales. Well done Bud that was a good fish.
Considering the cold miserable weather on Saturday it was good to have 20 fisherpeople getting out there and doing it.
Well done Gloria for your fishing efforts to date and worthy winner of the FCO Ladies Voucher.
To Dions young Daughter, Paige. Great to see her fishing even though she doesn’t like sharks. She was the winner of the Action Outdoors Junior Voucher and also to Duncan with his Pin Smoothhound, the winner of the Hamills Voucher.
A big thanks to our Sponsors for your support again.
IMG_5536 IMG_5537 IMG_5540

Field Weekend 10 (Mates Weekend)

Field Weekend # 10 Results.

Weighed in were :
10 Snapper
12 Gurnard
84 Kahawai
7 Red Cod
3 Eels
1 Blue Moki
1 Blue Cod
1 Yellow eyed Mullet.
1 Jack Mackerel

Fish of the Day was a 52.0kg Seven gill Shark caught by Sue lawson
Total fish weighed in 127.

Heaviest Snapper  Hamills Voucher Hamish Nichol 1.92kg
Heaviest Gurnard Hunting & Fishing Voucher Sue lawson  .99kg
Heaviest Kahawai Crafty’s Hastings Voucher James Parahi 2.48kg
Heaviest fish by a lady FCO Hastings Voucher and Hat Sue Lawson 52.0kg Seven Gill Shark.
Heaviest fish by a Junior Action Outdoors Voucher Kahawai 1.88kg

Winners of the Mates:
Kane and Ken Stone  1145 points
James Parahi and Brett Lawson  855 points
Hamish Nichol and Jack Lawson 770 points


Field Weekend # 7

$50.00 Breakers Meal Voucher,
Alan Park with a total of 975 points Snapper 50p, Kahawai 50p and a SSH worth 225p = 325 x 3 species.
$20.00 Breakers Meal Voucher,
Kane Wrigglesworth with a total of 750 points Snapper 50p, Kahawai 50p and a SSH worth 150p = 250 x 3 species
Sponsored Gifts
James Parahi, Total 450 points Snapper 50p, Kahawai 50p and a Gurnard worth 50p = 150 x 3 species

A few pics from weigh-in.
MR105726 MR105729 MR105732
Saturday 9th/Sunday10th Feb.
High Tides. 5.04am and 5.29pm Sat.and 6.02 Sun. Part Moon.
Lines in at 5am Saturday, weigh in at the Fire Station 12pm Sharp Sunday.

It is a Yoey Challenge Comp. Species is the name of the game. Catch as per normal but your heaviest of each species will be totalled and multiplied by the number of species you weigh in. Some very good points on offer here if you fish right.

Good luck and see you Sunday.

NZACA / Okuma Nationals

NZACA / Okuma Nationals 13th – 16th March 2013 in Gisborne.
Boundaries: Northern bank of the Wairoa river mouth to Opotiki.
Individual Competitor $80. This covers fishing Thursday/Friday, Casting Wednesday/ Saturday and the Meal at prizegiving.
Juniors and Midgets $25pp. Meal only $35.00
Shore Species, Max Bag, Min. size and points:

  • Gurnard  5,       33cm   15p
  • Kahawai 3,       45cm    5p
  • Kingfish  1,       85cm    7p
  • Snapper 5,       35cm     8p
  • Terakihi  2,       32cm    15p
  • Trevalli 2,         40cm     8p
  • John Dory 1,    35cm    15p
  • Blue Moki 1,    45cm     7p
Booklets will be available to all Competitors next week. If you have not already entered contact Yoey.