Field weekend 7 was kindly sponsored by Ahuriri Liquorland and was a Challenge Weekend whereby any member weighing in 3 or more species receives a bonus 300 points.
20 members fished FW7, with only 8 weighing fish, and of those 8 only Kane managed to gain the 300-point bonus. Kane was once again the standout in what was generally a very hard weekend, weighing 14 fish, including 6 snapper! Other notable catches were Sue Kemsley’s 5.1kg snapper and Mark Ives two 5kg+ Kingfish.
For the first time this season no pin fish were weighed.
Thanks again to Ahuriri Liquorland. Please get along and support our generous sponsors.
Our next field weekend is on February 8,9 & 10th.
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Who Caught What

Field Weekend 7

Happy new year everybody!! This weekend is field weekend seven, kindly sponsored by Liquorland Ahuriri and so named The Liquorland 300. Weigh in three different species and you will bank an additional 300 points over and above your normal points, the person who has the best bag weight from their top three fish will also be in the prizes.
Start fish time of 5am Saturday, normal boundaries apply, and weigh in is at the fire station midday Sunday.
Total prizes for this weekend are in access of $500.
Prizes will be for
The Liquorland 300 winner, Best Snapper, Average Kahawai, Best other, chocolate fish winner and our jackpot fish a 2.8kg Kahawai is now up to an impressive $300.

Please think about the BBQ Sunday the 20th and let Mel know at the weigh in if you wish to join us.

Good luck and tight lines
Peter K


Field weekend 5 and 6 have come and gone with mixed results in both with some members struggling and others doing quite well.
Field weekend 5 was generously sponsored by Hamill’s Napier and field weekend 6 sponsored by Rockgas. Thanks to both for their ongoing support of our club.
There were 3 standouts in field weekend 5. Kane’s impressive bag of 19 fish was outstanding, including his limit of snapper. He also caught a pin trevally of 1.76kg. Tareq nailed a personal best pin snapper of 5.75kg. Well done mate! Last but not least Jimmy B weighed a very impressive pin snapper of 12.34kg. An awesome fish!
Field weekend 6, which was our annual hams weekend, saw an annoying southerly hit Hawkes bay on Friday evening which definitely had an effect on results with fish numbers down on previous weekends. Twenty one members fished with only 31 fish being weighed. Oddly for this time of year no snapper crossed the scales, perhaps a result of the southerly coming through on Friday. Standout for field weekend 6 was once again Jimmy B with a solid pin kingfish of 9.84kg. Other pins went to Roy with a kahawai of 2.59 and Kane with a SSH of 6.22kg. Nice work lads.
Our next field weekend is in the New Year on January 12/13.
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Field Weekend 5 24-25Nov18 Abridged for Chris
Field Weekend 6 8-9Dec18 Abridged for Chris

Rockgas field weekend

Rockgas HB is our sponsor this weekend, we have a great lineup of prizes, those that enter @ $10 per rod will get a prize, payment must be made by Friday night.
If you don’t wish to enter the hams comp, this is a normal field weekend, with a start time of 5am Saturday, normal boundaries apply, with the weigh in at the fire station midday Sunday.
Average Kahawai winner will take home a massive whole ham weighing over 10kg,
Half Hams between 4 – 5kg will be awarded to the following,   heaviest
Snapper   1st, 2nd and 3rd
Gurnard   1st, 2nd and 3rd
Other       1st, 2nd, and 3rd
Kahawai   1st, 2nd, and 3rd
Our Kahawai (over 2.8kg ) jackpot prize now stands at $200 so this weekend we have five prizes based around the humble Kahawai.
Good luck and tight lines

Peter K

Field Weekend 3 – Weighmasters Report

Field weekend three was the first of the Crafty’s challenge weekends with the challenge being to weigh a trunked lemon fish of at least 65cm before any other fish could be weighed. For most, the challenge was to big with 20 of the 28 members who fished failing to catch a lemon fish!
Of the 8 who did weigh fish the absolute standout of the weekend was undoubtedly Jimmy B who scored big with 10 blue moki a gurnard and a lemon fish. We believe it is the first time 10 blue moki have been weighed for a field weekend. Nice work Jimmy!

Jimmy Beazley's notable catch from a local beach: 10 moki.

Posted by Mark Roberts on Saturday, 27 October 2018

Other notable fish to cross the scales included 8 pin fish. Jimmy B with 2 blue moki over 3kgs. James B with 2 kahawai over 2.5kg. Andy B with a trevally of 2.63. James P with a 2.09kg trevally. Mark R with a solid snapper of 6.83 and Hamish N with a 2.79kg kahawai.
A huge thank you to Crafty’s for their ongoing sponsorship, it is greatly appreciated!
Good luck to all fishing field weekend 4 kicking off on the 9th November. This is an early bird weekend with fishing commencing 6pm on the Friday night.
Tight lines,
Field Weekend 3_26-27Oct18 Full Table

Craftys Challenge Field Weekend three

Saturday 5am is the start of the first of two Craftys challenge weekends, we will be fishing within our normal club boundaries and weigh in is at the fire station 12pm Sunday.
Prizes will be awarded for the
Heaviest Snapper,
Average Kahawai
Heaviest spotted smooth hound
Heaviest other
And we have a new jackpot fish, A Kahawai of 2.8kg or better, jackpot stands at $50
Total prize pool is in access of $350.00
The weather. Looks like any southerly will pass through Thursday/Friday and with a swell of around .80 from the Cape to Blacks it gives plenty of options to catch the challenge fish which is a spotted smooth hound, (650mm Trunked)
So to clarify you must weigh in a SSH before any other fish will qualify, break out the Crabs, Prawns or cray.
Good luck and tight lines

Peter K


Rivers to Ranges sponsored field weekend two and it was our first open weekend of the season, meaning members could fish anywhere in NZ.
The weather did its best to challenge all those fishing with a very strong southerly hitting the country on Friday night, but despite this some very impressive bags of fish crossed the scales.
24 members fished with 81 fish crossing the scales. Consisting of:
11 kahawai
49 snapper
1 barracouta
2 blue moki
9 gurnard
1 red cod
1 kingfish
3 trevally
1 conger eel

Standouts for the weekend were many, including Andy B weighing 16 fish, followed closely by Andy G with 15 consisting of 6 different species! Kane weighed some nice far north snapper as well as the first kingfish of the season that saw him take out the jackpot prize. The highlight of the weigh in however had to be Rex’s beast of a snapper from East Clive topping the magic 20 pound mark at 9.37kg. Well done Rex! Other pin fish went to Mark T ( Kahawai 2.72), James B (Trev 1.8), Andy B (Kahawai 2.64 and Trev 2.46) and Andy G (Trev 1.89 and Blue Moki 3.37). Awesome stuff guys!

Field Weekend 2_12-14Oct18 Full Table

Once again, a huge thanks to Rivers to Rangers for there on going sponsorship. Please take the time to support all our generous sponsors.

Good luck to all members fishing field weekend three 27th/28th October. This is a challenge weekend with Pete to set the challenge soon.
Tight lines,