A message from the club president

Kia Ora
The end of another season and for some a pretty good season. Toward the end it was good to see snapper and gurnard being caught on our local beaches.

At this time l would like to thank all our sponsors as well as our members for your support during the season.Our kahawai contest was very successful with a big thanks to our conveners, Trish and Melissa with help from Chris, Jim and our weigh master Hamish. Also thanks to all our members on the beach especially our two guys on the bikes, Mark and Peter K who did a great job.

To those members who made it to the Pania Shield challenge, well done catching enough fish to bring the shield back to Pania.

Congratulations once again to Kane winning top fisho of the year ,as well as the other winners of their respective sections.

Our meetings over the last 4 months have been very poorly attended, l know that we are into the colder nights but at  times there are important issues to be discussed and decisions to be made.
If you are not there for a vote then you have to go with what ever decisions are made.

l would to thank Chris Morris who is standing down as our news caster. Thanks for all your work to date Chris, and well done.

We have our AGM coming up for he first Wednesday in August, s0 please pencil this in. If you have remits that you would like to submit send it in to our secretary Trish ASAP, or bring it to the July meeting.

Once again l thank our executive, our committee and all our members for your help and support throughout the year.

James Parahi

Brass Monkey Dates

This winter’s brass monkey dates are in the calendar.

Brass Monkey 1 – Sunday July 1st
Brass Monkey 2 – Sunday July 29th
Brass Monkey 3 – Sunday August 26th

As always, meet at the Napier fire station 8am. Entry is $2 per person. Heaviest fish takes the pot.

Final Results for 2017-2018 Season

Field weekend 11 sponsored by Rivers to Ranges was our final one for this year, 21 members fished. Thirty five Kahawai were weighed, the biggest being a 2.55kg fish caught by Dion.
Six Snapper were weighed, 1.31kg was the heaviest caught by Andy Gunn.
Fourteen Gurnard were weighed, the heaviest was 0.98 caught by Dion.
Six Moki were weighed, James Parahi got the largest one at 3.45kg.
Kane got a 7.9kg Kingfish. Two Redcod and a Barracouta were also weighed.

Field Weekend 11 Points 12-13 May18

Well done to all who caught fish this season, whether it be primarily for points or for the table. Overall the fishing has been better this year than previous years. More of the sought-after species such as Gurnard and Snapper were caught.

The latest points and species totals can be viewed at the links below.

Big thanks to all of our sponsors for looking after us during the season.

Field Weekend 11

Field weekend eleven is our second open weekend, once again kindly sponsored by Rivers to Ranges, fish anywhere in Nz just be safe and be back for weigh in by 2pm Sunday. The forecast looks great for the early part of our weekend however it may be a little damp come Sunday, so make the most of our start fish time of 5am Saturday.
Prizes will be for heaviest Snapper, average Kahawai, heaviest other and best Gurnard.
A total prize pool of around $400 this weekend.
The jackpot is at $50 and must go, if not for the heaviest qualifying Gurnard, then it will go to the heaviest Kahawai.
This is our last field weekend for the 2017 / 2018 season, last chance to improve your place on the points table and species tallies, take care, tight lines

Peter K

Casting Champions 2017-18


Division Place Name Points
Open Casting Champion 1st James Parahi 250.98
  2nd Hamish Nichol 249.01
  3rd James Benge 244.95
Accuracy Casting Champion 1st James Benge 85.7
  2nd Sue Kemsley 85.34
  3rd Mark Ives 84.48
Veteran Casting Champion 1st James Parahi 250.98
  2nd Jim Yeoman 239.68
  3rd Peter Kilkelly 191.71
Ladies Casting Champion 1st Sue Kemsley 182.97
  2nd Trish Yeoman 164.97
  3rd Estella Charmichael 142.16
Golden Oldies Casting Champion 1st Gary Kemsley 217.21
  2nd John Purser 183.01
Junior Casting Champion 1st Ethan Benge 168.01
Midget Casting Champion 1st Xavier Benge 98.78
  2nd Lochlan McKenzie 95.86
  3rd Xavier McKenzie 93.64


Prizes supplied by Craftys

Field weekend 10 was sponsored by Crafty’s and was the second of our Challenge weekends. The challenge was a species based one, where for each species caught, points were increased in order of the species weighed.
Twenty two members fished with 96 fish crossing the scales consisting of 49 kahawai, 12 snapper, 17 gurnard, 7 blue moki, 3 SSH’s, 2 each of barracuda and trevally and 1 each of kingfish, tope, Jack mackerel and red cod.
Highlights of the weekend were the 17 gurnard to cross the scales. Easily the most gurnard weighed at a field weekend for many years. Also, the impressive bags of fish weighed by both Kane and Jimmy B who were our top 2-point scorers for the weekend.

Kane had his hands full…

Pin fish went to Gavin with his trevally, 1.9kg. Jimmy B with a kahawai, 2.53kg and gurnard 1.0kg and Kane with a tope shark, 14.72kg. Well done guys!
Thanks once again to Crafty’s for their generous sponsorship and continued support of our club.
Next field weekend is 12/13 May, our last of the season and is our second open boundary weekend with the weigh in at the slightly later time of 2pm on the Sunday.
Tight lines.

Field Weekend Points 10 21-22 April 2018

Kevy and Jimmy did well.




Field Weekend 10

Field weekend ten is a Craftys Challenge weekend, over $300.00 worth of product up for grabs and our Gurnard jackpot is now at $250.00 combined prize package of around $580.00. The weather is looking promising with Ocean and Mahunga beaches showing only half a metre of swell these beaches could produce that elusive .75kg Gurnard.

The Challenge this weekend is species based:
First species across the scales is worth normal points
Second species will be worth 1.5 their normal points
Third will worth double their normal points and so on the more species you weigh in the higher their points value will be, just think about in what order you weigh your catch.

Start fish is at our normal time of 5.30am Saturday, normal boundaries, and weigh in Midday Sunday at the fire station. I will also have 5 & 6 oz breakout sinkers for sale at $2 each.
Good luck

Peter K