Casting Results

Seventeen members had a fantastic casting day at Kahuranaki, the weather gods were kind to us and some great results were achieved.
Top caster for the day was Mark R taking out best distance (192.49 mtrs) and also most points 256.33 awesome result Mark, Best accuracy went to Xavier M with a score of 86.1 outstanding effort for a young man still in the midjet category. Top lady was once again Sue K 165.53 points and top Vet was James P with 238.04 points.
Hamish, Tim and Estella all had PBs.

Full Results

Casting Day

Sunday the 12th is the last of our club casting days, to be held on Kahuranaki road commencing at 9am. This is the last chance to be included into the champion of Champions club competition, below is the current category placings, only two points separate the top two in our open section, and we are still looking for third place getters in the G/O and Midjet sections.

2019 Kahawai Contest Results

Well done to Steven Fields winning the 2019 Kahawai competition, $2000 worth of product and cash from Hunting and Fishing Napier and Rothbury Insurance Brokers.

Overall Placings

Time caught Name Weight (Kg) Ticket # Position
7.20am Steven Fields 2.14 36 1st
10.40am Jimmy Beazley 1.69 73 2nd
11.13am Kane Wrigglesworth 1.67 1 3rd
1.59pm Kyle Millar 1.66 141 4th
1.30pm Neil Gannaway 1.65 412 5th
1.59pm Tony Bullivant 1.52 494 6th
1.15pm Hamish Nichol 1.5 352 7th
10.05am Jimmy Beazley 1.49 74 8th
8.15am Alec Pakota 1.4 184 9th
9.20am Chris Fields 1.4 34 10th
8.35am Brett Withey 1.39 378 11th
9.15am Pete Chambers 1.38 153 12th
9.00am Jimmy Beazley 1.34 73 *
8.55am Steven Fields 1.23 37 13th
9.30am Jimmy Beazley 1.21 74 *
1.38pm Rex Bullivant 1.18 249 14th
7.20am Jimmy Beazley 1.14 74 *
7.15am Tim McKenzie 1.135 42 15th
* surpassed by a heavier fish from the same competitor – One prize per ticket        

Huge thanks to all of our sponsors and club members who made the day so successful. 

Nationals Results

Awesome effort from Team Pania at the Surfcasting Nationals. Didnt quite take the Top Club award, coming 2nd to our mates at Feilding but some awesome results for us.


OVERALL WINNER CASTING ACCURACY – Xavier McKenzie (one of our midgets)


1st Midget – Xavier McKenzie
2nd Midget – Lochlan McKenzie
3rd Midget – Xavier Benge
2nd Open Womens – Estella Carmichael
1st Veteran Womens – Sue Kemsley
2nd Veteran Mens – Pete Kilkelly
3rd Veteran Mens – Jim Yeoman
2nd Golden Oldie Mens – Mark Roberts

Longest Cast Womens:

2nd – Estella Carmichael
3rd – Sue Kemsley


1st Midget – Xavier Benge
3rd Midget – Lochlan McKenzie
2nd Open Womens – Melissa Benge
3rd Open Womens – Estella Carmichael
1st Veteran Womens – Sue Kemsley
2nd Veteran Mens – Peter Kilkelly
1st Open Mens – Kane Wrigglesworth

Average Weight Snapper Prize – 1st = Matty Climo

Well guys what a massive 2 weeks up the Far north for the NZACA Nationals and then the bonanza!!
In the days leading up to the Nationals the fishing was really hot!! Big tides on the 90, (3.4m highs and 0.2m lows) had the fish biting most of the day, even in the bright sunlight.
Fish ranged from 2.5kg to Matty’s PB at 7.8kg with a lot of 4-6kg fish. We took Tim, Estella and their boys down the 90 to teach them a bit about fishing the 90 and surf beaches in general. Great to see Estella bag her biggest ever trevally at 5.2kg and Tim wrangled a 6.1kg snapper. Love seeing guys catch good fish!!

Nationals fishing was a 35hr overnight affair. Plan was for myself, Matty and Tony to head out early (430am) on the 90 and swing back about 10am to pick up the rest of my family. We caught a few nice fish, snapper and trevally up to 3.8kg. We picked up the family and headed up to Great Exhibition bay, fishing was a bit slow during the day but once the sun went down it went off the hook with snapper and trevally smashing the baits. Really proud of my wife who caught her first snapper off the beach from her own casts!! She ended up with 5 snapper and a trevally!! Xavier was on fire as usual and bagged a massive trevally that tipped the scales over 4kg!! All 5 of us binned out on snapper (5 each) and caught 14 trevally between the 5 of us!! Epic fishing!!
Prizegiving and Xavier won the Junior fishing and Melissa came second in the open womens fishing and Matty took a $500 half share with an average weight snapper!!

Bonanza Time!! Fishing for the week was pretty hard. Generally first cast was the gold then the sun peeked over the dunes and the fish went with darkness!! Fishings only part of the week and catching up with mates who we haven’t seen since last bonanza is always good. Drinks were poured and yarns flowed!! Congrats to all the winners and we’ll see you all next year!!


Field weekend 11

Field weekend eleven is the second of our Crafty’s challenge weekends, and the challenge this weekend will be the weather, with a 1.2-1.5 metre swell running combined with rain coming in from the Southerly quarter, those that weigh in fish or even brave the elements deserve to be rewarded, so double points for fishing and being at the weigh in and double points for the first fish you put across the scales.
Prizes will be for Heaviest Snapper, Average Kahawai, Heaviest Kahawai and Heaviest other, also our jackpot fish a 2.5kg or better snapper is now up to $100, total prize pool of over $350
Not counting the chocolate fish award.

Good luck at tight lines

Peter K

Gary Kemsley on hook styles.

Singles, doubles, recurve or jays.

I have been thinking hooks over the last few years and trying all sorts of hook combinations for bait fishing surf casting. In the past I have been an advocate for double hooks on my kahawai traces. These usually incorporate a float (large enough to lift the bait) trapped with a neoprene stopper, with a luminous bead (any colour) below it and then two hooks below that. The hooks I have used on these rigs have been both recurve and jay hooks in different sizes and combinations. Results over the years have led me to believe that the best way to go is to use a 4/0 or 5/0 jay hook on the end of the line with a recurve hook in size 4/0 or 3/0 above it. The larger Jay hook is placed in the head of the pilchard (whole) bait and the recurve near the tail and all tied in with bait elastic (not cotton) to make the bait lie in a straight line on the hooks. The Jay hook on the end gives a good hookup rate on kahawai as well as offering a bit more steel for a barracouta to bite on should they like your offered pilchards. The same combination scaled down a size or two will work well for you if using anchovies for bait.
We would like to catch snapper all the time in Hawkes Bay but that doesnt happen due to our water temperatures. When they are about between October and May however we can use rigs and baits that will target them. Without doubt a single hook approach for snapper is the best. They are strong and confident biters unlike the hit and miss kahawai. I have tried all hooks on snapper in many fishing techniques and will stand up and say that a single recurve hook is the best by a country mile. The only thing you can do wrong with recurve hooks is strike hard when you get a bite. That will often end with the bait being pulled away from the snapper you are after. What you need to do is hold the rod until the line tightens then just take a turn of the handle and lift the tip. You will be securely hooked up more often than not. Snapper will eat any bait and I cannot think of one popular bait that I haven’t caught one on. There are a couple of baits that are very good. The first is octopus, just a piece the size of your thumb (rule of thumb) will do. It stays on the hook well, can be moulded with bait elastic to the shape you want and to make sure that the hook point is well exposed. It is also a bait that will withstand the picking of the yelloweyed mullet that can be a nuisance on our beaches. If you lie the bait on the bottom crabs will demolish it like school kids eating a pavlova. I like to use a short trace and a float to lift it off the bottom.
My other favourite bait is crayfish. Not always easy to get hold of but very good bait. Again use the rule of thumb and bind the bait on well with bait elastic. The beauty with this bait is that you will get bites from lemonfish as well as trevally, kahawai, gurnard, red cod, and anything else around. A good universal bait.
Thats my top two but other good snapper baits include anchovies, crabs and prawns, pilchards and skipjack tuna.
Hooks for trevally fishing are similar to the snapper requirements. Baits that catch one will catch the other. For me it is recurves as they are more likely to get a solid hold in the corner of the jaw. Jay hooks have a habit of tearing the membranes around the mouth of trevally and tearing out completely.
Its worth thinking about the hooks you use for different species.