Kahawai Comp New Date

As you will all be aware due to current environment we had to postpone our comp.
We are pleased to advise the new date will be Sunday 23 October 2022.
This is the Sunday of Labour weekend so a good chance to get your friends and family here.

Please share posts on social media and tell people you know who might be keen to come.

Any queries or concerns, please contact Contest Committee.

Regards, Mel, Pete and Mark

Gun City & Fishing Jackpot

With Pete K Taking out the $100 trevally jackpot fish with a ripper of a trevally of 2.9kg last field weekend. We now have a new $50 jackpot fish which is a trunked spotted smoothhound of over 5kg.

Could be a hard nut to crack with the bigger smoothhounds being absent so far this year. Good Luck this weekend, some magic conditions if you have some money hidden under the mattress for a drive west or east.

Karim B

Hunting and Fishing field weekend ten

Hunting and Fishing field weekend ten is an open weekend, fish anywhere in NZ (salt water only) With a south/southeast flow over the country its a great time to explore West or maybe the BOP, on an open weekend we can also fish Harbours so Ohiwa or Wellington are also options
Start fish time is 5pm Friday through to weigh in at the fire station at 2pm Sunday
Prizes for the weekend are
Best Snapper, Average Kahawai, heaviest Gurnard best other, and the chocolate fish prize is back for the lucky angler draw
Take care when driving, allow extra time for the road works, conserve fuel lol

Good Luck
Pete K


Field Weekend 9 kindly sponsored by Crafty’s Rods and Guns was a challenge weekend with Kane setting the challenge to weigh three or more Kahawai to receive double points for the first three weighed. This proved harder than expected with only five members out of the 20 who fished managing to bag three or more.

Also up for grabs was the Gun City jackpot for the heaviest Trevally over 1.5kg.
With seven nice Trevally crossing the scales the jackpot was destined to go!

With big sea’s rolling into the usual hot spots of Whakaki and Tahaenui, members were split between local beaches and a favourite of years gone by, Mahanga. It was great to see eight Pania people fishing side by side on Mahanga like years of old. For some of the eight in attendance the fishing was good. All seven Trevally weighed came from Mahanga, including Peter K’s jackpot wining fish of 2.9kg. Also a couple of nice Snapper in the 3kg range caught by Kane and Gary.

Prize winners for the weekend were, heaviest Kahawai, Kane, 2.26kg; average weight Kahawai, Peter K, 1.58kg; heaviest Gurnard, Tareq, 0.55kg; heaviest Snapper, Gary, 3.63kg. Thanks again to Crafty’s for the awesome prizes!

Pins for the weekend went to, Peter K x2, trevally, 1.88kg & 2.9kg. Sue K, x2 Trevally, 1.99kg & 2.26kg; Kane, Trevally, 1.51kg and Estella, Blue moki, 3.06kg.
Nice work team!

Field Weekend 10 is an open boundary weekend kicking off on Friday 18th March at 5pm, with weigh in on Sunday at the fire station at the later time of 2pm.

Tight lines,

New format for this season, scroll down this table to see links for other spreadsheets, points, species etc.

Gun City and fishing jackpot

The Gun City & Fishing jackpot was not struck last Field Weekend .
It rolls over to this weekend to $100 for the heaviest trevally 1.5kg or bigger.

Good luck and thanks to Gun City & Fishing for their ongoing support.

Field weekend nine (Craftys Challenge)

Kane has set a challenge with a target, if you can nail the target you will earn double points for the first three fish across the scales, the target is KAHAWAI
So you must catch three Kahawai to earn the double points, normal points will apply if you catch one or two Kahawai
Prizes thanks to Craftys will be for best Snapper, Average Kahawai, heaviest other and heaviest Kahawai it’s all about the humble Kahawai
Normal boundaries apply, start fish time 6pm Friday and the weigh in midday Sunday at The fire station please don’t forget it’s a vaxed only weigh in, you can nominate somebody else to weigh your fish, just let me know

Good luck & tight lines
Pete K

Thirsty Liquor Taradale Field Weekend 8 PANIA SHIELD

This weekend is the Pania Shield vs Gisborne and potentially Wairoa

Boundaries are from Nuhaka rivermouth to Wairoa river mouth. Kickoff is 5am Saturday and weigh in is at whakaki carpark Sunday 10 am

The five anglers with the heaviest bags from each club will combine their weights together and the club with the heaviest bag will take the shield home.

Lemon fish will not be accepted as part of the Pania Shield but can still be weighed and counted for points for the Pania yearly points. All other pania size limits and bag limits stay the same for the shield.

Note its all about weight for the shield but normal fish club points still apply for each individual for their season tally.

Because their will be 25+ people at weigh in this will be a vaxed event.

Gisborne won the shield 2 years ago and Pania took it back last year, will need a big effort and turnout to lock up the shield for another year.

Forecast is bang on! Fishing should be on. See you out there.


Karim B

Gun City & Fishing Jackpot

The trend continues with the $50 jackpot going again first week, Kane catching a fat 2.58 kg Kahawai to take home the $50 Gun City and fishing voucher

New jackpot of $50 starting this weekend is the heaviest trevally over 1.5kg.

Good luck and thanks to Gun City and fishing for their ongoing sponsorship.