Craftys Challenge Field Weekend three

Saturday 5am is the start of the first of two Craftys challenge weekends, we will be fishing within our normal club boundaries and weigh in is at the fire station 12pm Sunday.
Prizes will be awarded for the
Heaviest Snapper,
Average Kahawai
Heaviest spotted smooth hound
Heaviest other
And we have a new jackpot fish, A Kahawai of 2.8kg or better, jackpot stands at $50
Total prize pool is in access of $350.00
The weather. Looks like any southerly will pass through Thursday/Friday and with a swell of around .80 from the Cape to Blacks it gives plenty of options to catch the challenge fish which is a spotted smooth hound, (650mm Trunked)
So to clarify you must weigh in a SSH before any other fish will qualify, break out the Crabs, Prawns or cray.
Good luck and tight lines

Peter K


Rivers to Ranges sponsored field weekend two and it was our first open weekend of the season, meaning members could fish anywhere in NZ.
The weather did its best to challenge all those fishing with a very strong southerly hitting the country on Friday night, but despite this some very impressive bags of fish crossed the scales.
24 members fished with 81 fish crossing the scales. Consisting of:
11 kahawai
49 snapper
1 barracouta
2 blue moki
9 gurnard
1 red cod
1 kingfish
3 trevally
1 conger eel

Standouts for the weekend were many, including Andy B weighing 16 fish, followed closely by Andy G with 15 consisting of 6 different species! Kane weighed some nice far north snapper as well as the first kingfish of the season that saw him take out the jackpot prize. The highlight of the weigh in however had to be Rex’s beast of a snapper from East Clive topping the magic 20 pound mark at 9.37kg. Well done Rex! Other pin fish went to Mark T ( Kahawai 2.72), James B (Trev 1.8), Andy B (Kahawai 2.64 and Trev 2.46) and Andy G (Trev 1.89 and Blue Moki 3.37). Awesome stuff guys!

Field Weekend 2_12-14Oct18 Full Table

Once again, a huge thanks to Rivers to Rangers for there on going sponsorship. Please take the time to support all our generous sponsors.

Good luck to all members fishing field weekend three 27th/28th October. This is a challenge weekend with Pete to set the challenge soon.
Tight lines,

Rivers to Ranges Field weekend 2 – Open Boundary

Rivers to Rangers open field weekend Two is this weekend,
prizes will be for Heaviest Snapper, Heaviest other, Heaviest kahawai and Average Kahawai, best fish junior, and don’t forget the chocolate fish prize.
Prize table of over $300 thanks to Rivers to Ranges
Also the jackpot prize for an 85cm or bigger kingfish now stands at $100

So options for this weekend, open, go anywhere in NZ salt water only, start fish 6pm Friday weigh in 2pm Sunday at the fire station.
We have a local swell forecast of between 2- 4 metres this weekend, so for this weekend only we will open up the estuaries for fishing, which includes inside river mouths,
Te Awanga looks the best bet locally, a few snaps and Moki have been landed this week, or next best may be the BOP, or further afield your choice good luck people and please take care with that swell and if travelling away drive safely

Peter K


Streetwise coffee once again sponsored field weekend one.
The first weekend of the new season kicked off with excellent sea and weather conditions. Most members fished locally, with mixed success.
23 members fished with 44 fish crossing the scales. Consisting of:
23 kahawai
10 barracouta
5 blue moki
4 gurnard
1 red cod
1 parore

Well done to all members who weighed fish. Standout catches included the blue moki weighed by the 2 Andy’s, the gurnard caught by Andy B, James B and Dion and of course the monster pin kahawai (2.54) caught by Xavier Benge! Well done Xavier!
Other pin fish included Andy B’s Gurnard (1.06), and Andy G’s parore (1.66)

Field Weekend 1 15-16 Sep18

Once again, a huge thanks to Streetwise coffee for there on going sponsorship. Please take the time to support all our generous sponsors.

Good luck to all members fishing field weekend 2. Remember this is an open field weekend, meaning you can fish anywhere with the weigh in being at the later time of 2pm at the fire station.
Tight lines,

Jackpot Fish

This year our jackpot prize of $50 per week accumulating until won was to be drawn from one of the following:
Gurnard .75kg or over
Snapper 2.5kg or over
Kingfish 85cm or over
Kahawai 2.5kg or over
Blue Moki 2.5 or over
SSH 5.0 kg or over

Well,Trish from both the Corner Cafe and also Creative Landscape and Design drew our first jackpot fish and it was the KINGFISH 85cm or over.
Good luck
Peter K

Field Weekend 1

Streetwise Coffee field Weekend one kicks off this weekend, normal boundaries apply.
( Mahunga in the north through to Herbetville in the south ) normal start time 5am Saturday with weigh in at the fire station 12pm Sunday.
Just fantastic north to northwest winds with a swell of between .50 to .80 of a metre all beaches will be fishable.
Best options
I know some will be targeting Awatoto through to Te Awanga reef, all that shell fish washed up over the past week !!! Not sure any of the rivermouths will be producing but you never know. Heading north or south take your pick it all looks great.
Last year our first weekend produced 105 Kahawai with the odd gurnard, barracuda, and smoothhound, and of course the infamous red cod.
Good luck everybody please support Streetwise and grab a coffee if you are passing one of their carts in Napier or Hastings.

Peter K

Parking for weigh ins and meetings

As most of you are aware the council have installed a gate to block access to the grass for parking and weigh ins.

They have very graciously given us permission to still use that area for parking and the weigh ins.  So going forward it will be open for those times and locked again when we finish. Please use the area accordingly and avoid parking at the firestation itself

Many Thanks