Field Weekend 11

Second to last field weekend and we had a great turnout of 21 fishers, with a total of 47 fish being brought home.
Of these, two were Baracoutta caught by Sue Chambers, two SSH were caught by Kane Wrigglesworth.
Forty one kahawai were caught, the heaviest going to Sue chambers with a 2.09kg fish and James Parahi got second heaviest with a 2.085kg fish.
James also got a beauty pin 2.115kg Trevally, and Mark Ives landed a .755g Hiwihiwi.

Well done to all those who fished this weekend, and a big congratulations to those who fished the nationals. Good luck to all for the final field weekend for the season, 9th and 10th of may.

Field weekend 11 – 18-19 april 2015.pdf

Field weekend 10

Sue Kemsley with a 2.07kg Snapper

Sue Kemsley with a 2.07kg Snapper

Twenty three anglers fished this weekend with a total of 57 fish being landed.

38 Kahawai were landed the heaviest of 2.97 kg going to Kevin O’Connor.
2 Gurnard were found with the heaviest going to Alan Park with a 0.835kg fish.
9 Snapper were caught with Sue Kemsley bringing home the heaviest of 2.07kg
1 Trevally which went to James Frings of 0.97kg
And finally 7 SSH which Peter Kilkelly had the heaviest of 5.48kg
Congratulations to all who caught a good feed this weekend and heres hoping the last two field weekends for the season deliver. All the best for those heading away for the nationals, have a fantastic week.

Casting Champs Results

2015 Casting Champs Results (in no particular order)

    Accuracy   Distance
  60m 80m 100m  
Peter Kilkelly 15.96 14.48 12.58 132.98
John Purser 2.28 17.56 11.2 120.06
Jim Yeoman 12.31 8.28 8.77 162.94
James Parahi 2.5 7.53 17.77 169.5
Mark Ives 15.85 17.48 8.55 194.89
Hamish Nichol 4.42 9.41 6.05 167.22
Simon TeWhaiti Jr 12.35 8.97 19.66 156.17
James Benge 6.75 19.66 7.15 162.45
40m 60m 80m
Carol Murphy 14.8 7.14 7.55 93.15
Melissa Benge 65.46
Ethan Benge 0.94 3.5 9.6 95.15
Xavier Benge 23.03

FCO Club night Wednesday 25th FEB

Hi Guys – Everyone from your club is invited as well even if they are not a FCO club member.  This will be a great way to promote your Clubs to our club members.  There is going to be deals for the night also,

I have attached a copy of the deals for the night also for you and the invite to show you also,
FCO785 Wk35 Hastings Club Night Invite – FCO785 Wk35 Hastings Club Night Flyer

Daniel Storie
Store Manager

///  FCO – Fishing Camping Outdoors
Tenancy 8 | Home HQ
501 Caroline RD | Mahora, Hastings
P: (06/ 870 3026| F: (06) 870 3063| E: ([email protected]) | Like us on Facebook

Safety Helmets for ATVs

Ag Hats (Helmets) are required by law on roads & roadsides and the police will stop people who are not wearing helmets in these circumstances.  The Police also require a EB licence plate if travelling on the road frequently.  The police patrol beaches & rivers and they have discretionary powers over these areas.  If a person riding the four wheeler is wearing a helmet, travelling at a safe speed for the conditions and the bike is in good working order (up to WOF standard) they will not have an issue with the riders.  They do not like passengers on four wheelers, but they will look more favourably at the rider,  if both parties are wearing a helmet and they are operating the four wheeler correctly.   The local police are very good at liaising with owners of the four wheelers and their local communities.

Worksafe NZ have different rules,  as employers must make a Work place safe for employees.  Also, employees must take responsibility for keeping themselves safe.  This is why they are issuing fines to four wheeler riders who are ignoring the rules.   In a work situation you must not take passengers, must wear a helmet, have the four wheeler up to WOF standard and operate the four wheeler correctly as per manufacturers specifications.

The above are two separate issues and both is a changing landscape which may change in the future.
I am on the ATV Safety committee for this area which liaises with police, farming communities, insurance companies and event organisers.

We have a number of AG helmets available.  The standard Helmet is similar to the ones worn at the Surf Casting competition.  The pricing is from $99.00 to $148.00 depending on style etc.

Thank you and please give me a call or email if you require any further information.

Kind Regards

Kim Ericksen
Ericksen Honda
15-19 Hill Road
Bayview, Napier 4104
Ph (06) 8366298