Safety Helmets for ATVs

Ag Hats (Helmets) are required by law on roads & roadsides and the police will stop people who are not wearing helmets in these circumstances.  The Police also require a EB licence plate if travelling on the road frequently.  The police patrol beaches & rivers and they have discretionary powers over these areas.  If a person riding the four wheeler is wearing a helmet, travelling at a safe speed for the conditions and the bike is in good working order (up to WOF standard) they will not have an issue with the riders.  They do not like passengers on four wheelers, but they will look more favourably at the rider,  if both parties are wearing a helmet and they are operating the four wheeler correctly.   The local police are very good at liaising with owners of the four wheelers and their local communities.

Worksafe NZ have different rules,  as employers must make a Work place safe for employees.  Also, employees must take responsibility for keeping themselves safe.  This is why they are issuing fines to four wheeler riders who are ignoring the rules.   In a work situation you must not take passengers, must wear a helmet, have the four wheeler up to WOF standard and operate the four wheeler correctly as per manufacturers specifications.

The above are two separate issues and both is a changing landscape which may change in the future.
I am on the ATV Safety committee for this area which liaises with police, farming communities, insurance companies and event organisers.

We have a number of AG helmets available.  The standard Helmet is similar to the ones worn at the Surf Casting competition.  The pricing is from $99.00 to $148.00 depending on style etc.

Thank you and please give me a call or email if you require any further information.

Kind Regards

Kim Ericksen
Ericksen Honda
15-19 Hill Road
Bayview, Napier 4104
Ph (06) 8366298

Field Weekend #9 (challenge weekend.)

Field Weekend #9 was our challenge weekend. The challenge was to catch a 1kg or better Kahawai. which would qualify you to weigh any other species you might catch.
Unfortunately the rough sea conditions meant that most people couldn’t catch that elusive Kahawai (or anything else for that matter)
Seventeen members fished the weekend but only 2 weighable fish were caught.
Well done to Mark and Xavier Cockburn on saving the club from recording its first ever fish-less field weekend with a Kahawai each. 🙂


Twilight fishing series report.

Well we have just concluded the 10th and final twilight fish for the 2014-2015 season.
Its been very tough going trying to catch fish on local beaches, here’s a breakdown of what happened.

  • Twilight 1: Fourteen members fished, 4 Kahawai were weighed.
  • Twilight 2: Three Barracoutta and 3 Kahawai were weighed.
  • Twilight 3: Six Members fished, 1 Barracoutta was weighed.
  • Twilight 4: Six members fished, no fish were weighed.
  • Twilight 5: Five members fished, no fish were weighed.
  • Twilight 6: Cancelled due to weather conditions.
  • Twilight 7: Five members fished, no fish were weighed.
  • Twilight 8: Five members fished, 2 Lemons were weighed.
  • Twilight 9: Six members fished, no fish were weighed.
  • Twilight 10: Ten members fished, no fish were weighed.

Total fish weighed for the series:
7x Kahawai
4x Barracoutta
2x Lemons.

Beaches fished were, Awatoto, Le Quesne Road, and Te Awanga.

Twilight Prize Giving is at Yoey’s place on Wednesday the 11th February 6pm.


Casting champs

Club casting champs has been added to the calendar for the 1st of March

This is the day that you as a club member can chance your arm to see how far and accurate you can cast.

There are some club trophies up for grabs, you get 3 casts in the accuracy section and 6 casts in the distance section.

Age divisions are:
Midget under 12 years
Junior 12 to 17
Ladies & Men 18 to 54
Veterans- Ladies & Men 55 to 64
Golden Oldies- Ladies & Men 65 +

Midget and Juniors must use a sinker no heavier than 113gm (4oz), everyone else no heavier than 170gm (6oz).

Ladies & Juniors cast at 40m,60m,& 80m one cast at each. All Others cast at 60m,80m,& 100m.
For the accuracy we use an artificial bait made of 10mm dowel 100mm long supplied by the club.

Distance casting is done on a court measuring 200m long by 100m wide, in the shape of a triangle. Your casting line must be no thinner than 0.25mm for all sinker weights

The club has a tool to measure this if you want to check your line thickness out before the day, just ring me at home after 8pm.

Start time 9am.

Bring lots of food and water for a full day.
Mark Ives

Kahawai Competition 2015

winner-smallWell done to Scott Herd on winning this years Kahawai Competition with a 2.070kg fish.
It was a really tough day’s fishing with 450 rods trying to catch the big one but only 15 fish were weighed.
Still a great crowd gathered at prize giving to watch the winners collect the huge pile of sponsored prizes donated by our awesome sponsors.
Many prizes were ‘spot prizes’ or ticket numbers drawn at random and all kids who fished received prizes.
Many thanks to FCO and the other sponsors for making this event possible. Also to the hard working Pania SCC team, especially John Purser (event coordinator) for his tireless work over the last few months.

See you all again next year, and we hope the fish will turn up too! 🙂


Position Weight (Kg) Position Weight (Kg)
1st – Scott Herd 2.070 11th 0.615
2nd – Nick Powis 2.040 12th 0.610
3rd – Clive Jensen 1.735 13th 0.575
4th 1.370 14th 0.455
5th 1.235 15th 0.390
6th 1.010 16th
7th 0.875 17th
8th 0.690 18th
9th 0.675 19th
10th 0.660 20th

Feild Weekend #8 (Mates)

2015-01-24 20.28.12

Chris Morris – 15.340kg Kingfish

Twenty six anglers fished this weekend with 5 of them bringing along mates.
With a catch of 33 fish in total.

Twenty one Kahawai were weighed, the heaviest again going to Kane Wrigglesworth with a 3.1kg fish
Sue Kemsley weighed the only Snapper.
Nine SSH were weighed with Gary Kemsley landing the heaviest of 6.74kg and finally 2 Kingfish with Chris Morris bringing home a monster of 15.34kg.
A reminder to all anglers catching lemons (SSH) that trunking includes: Fins Heads Insides and Tails.
And if anyone is unsure of fish lengths or minimum weights, start times for field weekends or any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask myself or any other pania member. We are here to help.
Nikki Middleton
James Frings 6.550kg Kingfish

James Frings 6.550kg Kingfish