Pania shield results:

Fifteen member fished the annual pania shield comp against Wairoa and Gisborne.
The teams enjoyed perfect conditions and although fishing was slow some excellent bags of fish were weighed.
Top 5 bag weights from each club decided the winner with pania winning the shield back with a bag of 83.61kg.
Second was Gisborne with 63.45kg, with Wairoa 3rd 48.76kg.
Congrats to everyone who weighed fish.
Thanks once again to Gisborne and Wairoa for a hard fought comp!
For Pania the top 5 bags weighed were as follows:
Kane – 27.14kg
Dion – 18.23kg
Ian – 14.16kg
George – 13.6kg
Pete – 10.48kg
Nice work lads!
With the pania shield doubling as FW 9 there was some standout fish weighed. Pins went to Kane for a kahawai (2.86) and blue moki (3.87).
Dion a kahawai (2.85) and trevally (1.66)
Ian for his kahawai (2.94) and last but not least George for his solid kingfish (12.2).
George’s kingi also took out the $200 jackpot!
Other prize winners were Hamish – heaviest snapper.
Jason C – heaviest gurnard.
Kane – Average weight kahawai.
George – heaviest other for his kingi.
Well done team!

New format for this season, scroll down this table to see links for other spreadsheets, points, species etc.

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