Pania Surfcasting Minutes Wednesday 7 April 2021

Pania Surfcasting Minutes
Wednesday 7 April 2021
Members Present

Apologies: James Benge, Matty Climo, Estella Carmichael, Tim McKenzie
Sue Kemsley, Trish Yeoman Jim Yeoman / Mark Ives

Minutes: Minutes of the previous meeting were read.

Attendance sheet signed

Matters Arising: Nil

Inwards: Ladybug Design Invoice / Comp Invoices from Pete Mark Ives / Sue Lawson
Outwards: Newsletter to Club members

Financials: Please ask the Treasurer if you wish to have these details

Accounts to be paid: Payments have already been paid so would like to pass retrospectively.
Estella is having an operation today and will be out of action for awhile
$25 – Chris Morris – Webconnect Invoice reimbursement
$1,500 – Pete Kilkelly – Reimbursement for comp prizes
$300 – Pete Kilkelly – Reimbursement for portaloo cost Jim Yeoman / Hamish Nichol

General Business:
James Parahi thanked the Comp Committee in regards to the running of the two comps so close together.
He said he is grateful to the core group of Exec and Committee who keep the club running.
Yoey spoke about the decline in Kahawai that was raised at a previous meeting.
He said there had been a recognised decline around NZ. This is partly due to the yellow eye mullet stocks
being low. Apparently these are a main food source for the Kahawai.
Pete advised FW 11 will be on 17th & 18th April 2021 and normal times and boundaries apply.
Casting will be on 2nd May 2021, venue to be confirmed. We are thinking of having a BBQ at the same time
to finish off the year as we did not get to have one at xmas time. This will all be confirmed.
Mel gave a preliminary rundown of the comp. 300 tickets were sold and although down on previous years,
this was still a good amount considering there were lots of other events on.

Pete said he thought numbers were down due to other events on in HB, people having just been away at
the 90 comp and out of towners not coming through due to the weather during the week. He agreed that
getting to the 300 tickets sold was good.
Profit to the club should be around $3,600 mark and this will be confirmed at the next meeting.
Mel also thanked Pete for all of the behind the scenes running around he had to do in the few days leading
up to the comp. He ended up having to source some of our prizes from Craftys and Hamills Outlet so spent
a lot of time sorting this to ensure we had prizes on the day.
Mel also thanked Kane (although he was not in attendance) for all of the sponsorship he brings in for the
comp. Whilst he is in the industry, he does not have to do this to the extent he does.
Gary asked if we were doing casting correctly and do we need to have a plan so everyone is doing it correct
if they wish to go for records. Yoey advised rules can be downloaded from NZACA Website.
General discussion among the members regarding having to have specific line, sinkers and having them
tested before you start if you wish to go for records. Most members advised that if this is what they had to
do they wouldn’t attend casting. The question was asked, if a member wanted to do this at casting does
the club have the ability to do so. Both Mark Ives and Yoey advised yes the club does.
No changes to be made to our normal casting rules. If you wish to go for a NZACA record, maybe talk to
Yoey or Mark about it at the next casting day.
Mel advised NZACA Nationals will be held 12th to 15th May 2021 in New Plymouth. Please let her know
asap if you intend to go. Mel has registration forms or they can be found on the NZACA website.
John Purser asked if the Comp should go back to February. He advised feedback he has had is that people
are not happy with conditions for the last few years. He said Conditions would be better in February.
The comp committee indicated that we may not be able to go back to February as there are now lots of big
events on in Napier during that month. Mel advised John that it would be discussed by the committee.

Meeting Closed 8pm

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