Prize pools for 2021-2022 & club records

The 2021-2022 calendar is now online

The club records page has been updated


Field weekends will have sponsored product prizes. The prize allocation may be

  • Heaviest Snapper 35% of prize pool
  • Ave weight Kahawai 25% of prize pool
  • Heaviest Gurnard 20% of prize pool
  • Best (Other) 20% of prize pool Kingfish, Blue Moki,Trevally,SSH

Gun City + Fishing Jackpot

In addition to the sponsored prizes a $50.00 cash or Voucher jackpot per field weekend for a selected fish. The selected fish will be one of the following

  • Gurnard over 1.0kg
  • Snapper over 5.5kg
  • Kingfish over 85cm
  • Kahawai over 2.8kg
  • Blue Moki over 2.5kg
  • Trevally over 1.5kg
  • SSH over 5.0kg (trunked)

The $50.00 Valued prize will continue to jackpot until the selected fish has been weighed in, in the event of two qualifying fish being caught the heaviest will win.

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