Rivers to Ranges field weekend 2

This weekend brings us to our 2nd fishing weekend and our first one locally for the season.

Rivers to Ranges are sponsoring this field weekend, make sure you get out and support our local sponsors when you get a chance. If your anything like me it’s always a good excuse to support local and grab a bit of extra gear before heading out each field weekend.

Normal local Boundaries this weekend. (Mahanga Beach to Herbertville)

Prizes this weekend are Heaviest Snapper, Average Kahawai, Best Other, Heaviest Gurnard and a  few spot prizes also. Might be the whiskey talking but I will also throw in $50 for this weekend only for the heaviest Moki over 2.5kg.

Start time is 6pm Friday and weigh in is at the fire station on Sunday 12pm.

Good luck to all and hopefully the scales get a bit of a workout Sunday.


Cheers Karim

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