Streetwise Coffee – Field Weekend #1

Well done to all those who turned out to fish field weekend #1. Awesome to have Streetwise coffee on board as sponsor for this event. Lots of cool prizes went out to some of the 29 members fishing. Over 100 Kahawai were weighed in with several of them over the 2.5kg pin-fish weight. 
Three Gurnard were caught which going by last years catch rates is a very promising start.
The heaviest Gurnard went to James Parahi with a 1kg pinfish taking the Jackpot for fish over .75kg. 

Plenty of Baracouta and Redcod are still being caught. One weighable SSH was brought in by Kane who also caught the other two Gurnard. Spiny Dogfish were causing havoc among those who fished at night with an endless stream of the trace-wrecking Ba#@*ards being caught and released.

Points for FW1 – September 9-10 2017

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