This Season’s Calendar

FW1 September 9-10
Casting Day – September 24
FW2 October 7-8 (Open Boundary)
Casting Day (Postal) – November 5
FW3 November 18-19
FW4 December 2-3 (Hams)
Sunday Fish-Together #1 – January 14
FW5 January 20-21 (Challenge)
Kahawai Comp – January 28 (if available)
FW6 February 3-4 (Early Start)
Sunday Fish-Together #2 – February 11
FW7 February 17-18 (Pania Shield)
FW8 March 3-4 (+ Taradale Club)
Sunday Fish-Together #3 – March 11
FW9 March 17-18 (Early Start)
Casting Day – April 15
FW10 April 21-22 (Challenge)
FW11 May 12-13 (Open Boundary)

Open Boundary Weekends: ( FW2 and FW11 ) You can fish anywhere in NZ but must be back for weigh-in at 2pm Sunday.
Early Start Weekends: ( FW6 and FW9) – Fishing may commence at 6pm on the Friday night.
Sunday Fish-Together’s; Twilight series has been abandoned in favour of 3 Sunday Fish-Together’s. The Club Captain will decide which beach we fish at (according to the weather at the time) and fishing will be from 1.30 to 7.30pm with food and drinks afterwards. These 3 events will also count towards clubs points.



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