Field Weekend 10 kindly sponsored by Hunting and Fishing was an open boundary weekend. This turned out to be very fortunate with terrible sea conditions in Hawkes Bay after a week of sou-easterlies.

The majority of the 25 members who fished took the opportunity to explore different beaches around the north island from Wellington in the south, several beaches up the west coast, the usual favourites in the Bay of Plenty and Kane up in the far North.

The result was 173 fish crossing the scales with several standout catches. Six members scored in excess of 1000 points for the weekend with Kane leading the way with 2330.

An incredible 15 pin fish were weighed! These went to:
Duncan – Kahawai 2.5kg
Dion – Kahawai 2.62kg, 2.74kg, 2.93kg
Ivan – Kahawai 2.8kg
Tim – Kahawai 2.82kg
Tareq – Kahawai 2.84kg
Steve – Trevally 1.84kg
Karim – Kahawai 2.69kg, 3.08kg, 3.21kg
Estella – Trevally 1.5kg, Blue Moki 4.32kg
Kane – Trevally 4.61kg
Jason C – Kingfish 12.29

Hunting and Fishing prizes went to
Karim – heaviest snapper.
Tareq – average weight kahawai.
James B – heaviest gurnard.
Jason C – best other for his beast kingfish!
Jayve – junior heaviest bag.
Well-done team! Thanks again to our awesome sponsors!

With 3 field weekends remaining this season I thought I would give you a run down of the top 3 anglers for each section.
In the Juniors it is anyone’s game with only 80 points separating the top 3.
Xavier B – 770
Jayve – 735
Harlem – 690

Open women’s.
Estella – 1845
Sue K – 910
Nikki – 315

Open men’s
Kane – 9925
Karim – 7800
George – 6675

Top 3 for species caught:
Kane – 8
Ivan – 7
Tareq – 7

Next field weekend is the extra one added to replace the Kahawai comp on the weekend of the 1st to 3rd April. Local boundaries and usual times apply.

Just a quick reminder, at weigh ins if you think any of your fish may not go the minimum length, please check them with me prior to the weigh in commencing to save me having to make that call as you weigh your fish.

Tight lines,

New format for this season, scroll down this table to see links for other spreadsheets, points, species etc.

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