Field Weekend 12 kindly sponsored by Rivers to Ranges was an open-boundary weekend. With Bay of Plenty ruled out due to bad sea conditions most members who chose to travel headed for Te Araroa and Hicks Bay with some very nice fish coming from both beaches.
Solid bags of fish were weighed by several members with six people scoring more than 1000 points. The standout being Karim with an impressive 2280 points!

Of those that stayed local the standouts were Dion, Nikki and Lokan who scored really well getting on to some solid Moki from the Beacons, four of which were pins. Other pins for the weekend went to George and Jimmy B with a nice Gurnard each and Tareq with a beast Kingfish weighing 15.03kg!

Field weekend 12 prizes went to Karim, heaviest Snapper; George, heaviest Gurnard; Tareq heaviest ‘other’; Kevin, average weight Kahawai and Harlem the junior prize. Well done guys. Thanks again to Rivers to Ranges for their continuing support.

With the season coming to an end, I’ll give you the breakdown:

A total of 864 fish crossed the scales this season.

The top three species caught were:
367 Kahawai
306 Snapper
73 Gurnard

Over the 12 field weekends 55 pin fish were weighed with a further 11 pins weighed outside field weekends.

The top three pin species were:
22 Trevally
15 Kahawai
9 Blue Moki

Congratulations to all club members who fished this season and made it another successful one.

Lastly, a huge thank you to Peter K for his efforts in running our field weekends and securing awesome prizes from our sponsors. You’re a legend Pete!

Tight lines,

New format for this season, scroll down this table to see links for other spreadsheets, points, species etc.

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