Weigh Master’s Report Field Weekend Eight 13th -15th February 2021

Field Weekend Eight, kindly sponsored by Crafty’s, was a ‘challenge weekend’ that started on Friday evening. The challenge was ‘red fish…blue fish’. For every red fished weighed a corresponding blue fish would receive one and a half times the points value. For most, fishing was tough. This showed at the weigh-in with the 19 anglers only weighing 43 fish in total!
There were some standouts though, with Kane weighing an outstanding bag of fish that included the maximum 10 Snapper! and George and Jimmy B both weighing pin Snapper. George’s Snapper tipping the scales at 24 pounds! Nice work boys!
Prizes went to George for his Snapper; Tareq took out the Gurnard prize; Jimmy B scored the average weight Kahawai and Chris won heaviest ‘other’ for his SSH. Once again, the jackpot prize for a Kingfish over 85cm was not struck and jackpots to $200 for FW 9.
Field weekend nine is the Pania Shield kicking off at 5am on the 28th of Feb. Boundaries are between the Wairoa and Nuhaka river mouths, with weigh-in at the Whakaki car park at 10am Sunday. Let’s get a strong team up there to take the shield back!
Thanks again to Crafty’s for your ongoing support.
Tight lines

New format for this season, scroll down this table to see links for other spreadsheets, points, species etc.

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