Field weekend 5 was sponsored by Caftys Rods and Guns and was a challenge weekend with all Kahawai and Spotted Smooth hounds earning double points.

21 members fished with 87 fish crossing the scales. 38 kahawai, a healthy 32 snapper, 10 SSH, 2 blue moki, 2 barracuda and one each of gurnard, trevally and kingfish.

Impressively 6 members weighed pin fish. Gary K, SSH (5.84kg). Neville K, kahawai (2.94kg). Kane, kahawai (2.56kg). Andy B, blue moki (3.10kg), Roy landed an impressive kingfish (9.1kg gutted) and equally impressive was Andy G big gurnard weighing (1.24kg). Well done guys!

Standout bags of fish came from Kane with 17. Dion with 11 and Andy B with 10. Top effort!

Thanks again to Crafty’s for their generous sponsorship.

Field Weekend 5 20-21 Jan18.pdf


Field Weekend 6
was sponsored by Hunting and Fishing and was the first of our early start weekends.

Unfortunately, the good weather that preceded the weekend ended a few hours after fishing started with a nasty south-east change making conditions challenging for the rest of the weekend.

11 members attended the weigh in with 34 fish weighed. 14 kahawai, 11 snapper, 8 SSH, and 1 gurnard. No pin fish were weighed.

The absolute standout for the weekend was Andy B who managed 9 very nice snapper at Awatoto before the weather turned. The biggest of which was just over 2kg. Awesome effort Andy!

Congratulations to those who took out some very nice prizes and thanks again to Hunting and Fishing for your continued sponsorship. It is very much appreciated.

Field Weekend 6 3-4 Feb18.pdf

Half way through the season and the catch numbers are looking good! So far members have weighed: 270 kahawai, 106 snapper, 39 SSH, 17 barracuda, 13 gurnard, 13 red cod, 11 trevally, 3 kingfish, 3 blue moki, 1 red moki, 1 seven gill shark and 1 hammerhead shark. Well done team!

Keep up the good work,


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